Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hear No Evil.......

My three monkeys...How fitting that they would all be covering those parts perfect for them. Day-Knee, (as Kate would say) he would be covering his ears because no matter how much wax that boy can hold he has the hearing of a bat. Jake...aww the middle child, is covering his eyes to hide all that scares him. He needs the door open at night, night light blaring, noise maker on to mask all noise, and speaking of mask, he sleeps in a eye mask. Remind me later to take a picture to torture him when he finds a wife. And that leaves the lovey Princess Katelyn. Dare we say that she is the spitting image of her mother (only better) and takes after her too. Oh, I've been known to talk just a bit too much. I now sometimes sound like my parents when I was little girl at the dinner table being told to hush and eat. There isn't one thing I don't love about all of them....maybe too much at times. Everything about them from the way they act, to the things they say. Grayson and his "I like pie" to Jake and the way he says 'Ye-es' all the way to Kate and her eyeballs and choting.
Today the kids have gone on vacation and it's a bit quiet around here. I think I will put this picture up and remind me of how darn funny they are! Be safe and come home soon.

Your momma

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