Sunday, July 29, 2007

From the mouth of a babe..(Kate, not me)

I feel like I should say, "Hi I'm a first time blogger, long time reader.' Huh????
Basically, it is referring to those AM radio talk shows where when people call in they make that stupid comment of being a first time caller...long time listener. I feel like shouting...."Oh please just get on with it"
Only seemed fitting to start the blog off that way! So I will get on with it.

Being a full time mom and wife I could fill volumes of my daily grind, but I think I will just stick with a few of 'the good...the bad...and the ugly'

My blog site is an inside joke to me and Mr Milt. When Kate was around 4 she had difficulties with her 'K' sound. It always sounded like a 'T'. I don't ever want to forget the innocence of her...of any of the kids.
Today ended great! I think we are going to love it here! New town, new people!
Being the shy girl that I am...(chokes down giggles)
Kate and I are in the backyard with Mr Milt and we see a bunch of girls around Kate's age playing by the lake. We both ran over to say hi hoping they would notice her. Sure enough they did! The girls played by the park near the lake digging in the sand making sand castles. Only child around would be me. I didn't have the courage to get off the bench and walk over to where the mom's were to introduce myself. I like to blame it on them but I can't! Ugh. I'll try again another day!

So, if you are ever in our house and you would like a cup of the white stuff...make sure you ask for MILT because there isn't any of the other here!

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