Friday, August 31, 2007

All worth it.....

How can such tiny people create such huge messes? You would think that I sit around all day eating bon-bon's and watching soaps. And no honey, it doesn't count because I'm at the gym working out to look good for you while I'm watching them. Big difference.

I do clean...I see the sweat and tears of my labor as I'm cleaning all these nasty pee soaked toilets......all the loads of laundry and the many dishes that the kids seem to spew food upon during the day. And I didn't even mention all the other stuff like dusting and well dusting.

3 Seconds after walking into the door BOOM....all my hard work has gone down the tubes. Backpacks drop and socks go flying and the door is left wide open with me standing there thinking..."well hello to y'all too" I hear 3 voices in unison yell,


I love my life. I wouldn't want any other woman taking my place. If you were to clone me she could take over toilet duty.

This morning while I was driving my 6th grader to middle school I sat there listening to all the new things going on with him now that he is 'growing up' The latest is his Hair. I thought I would never see the day that this child would care about his hair. We were driving to school and I took a wrong turn (hey I'm new here) and I had to drive around the back of the school. We saw a kid he knew and he told me how cool the kids hair was. I got the feeling he was saying it in the form of a question. So being the in tuned mom that I am I said, "Hey I could so style your hair like that". No answer just a cool grin. Every morning that I drop him off he gives me a huge hug and tells me he loves me. I know that one day those hugs will disappear in front of his friends, but I'm holding on for the moment.

My middle son loves me watching him play the Wii. I love playing it too, but watching him cracks me up. His laughter is contagious so much that once he gets started you can't help but join in and have no idea why. He loves to play the sports games. Why...Don't know since he hates any activity that requires him having to run. One of his favorite games to play is bowling. He winds his arm up like a fast pitch softball and whiz....Pretty soon he is going to throw his arm out. He giggles and says, "Mom did you hear my arm pop that time? That was cool, I'm gonna do that again!"

My daughter loves to curl up with me and read books. She pretends we are in a classroom and she is the teacher and reads the pages and shows the class the pictures. I am so proud of her. She is reading words that I didn't even think she could pronounce. I've noticed her watching everything I do and say. She has me pegged down to my tone! I love hearing her tell me that when she gets older she wants to be just like me. (guess I'm doing something right)

At the end of the day...all the sweat and tears of cleaning don't really matter anymore. One day I'm not going to have a million loads of laundry to do. I will have no more finger prints to wipe off the fridge...I will never step on an army man embedded in my carpet.....and the remote will always be in the same spot I left it in. Seeing their sweet faces and listening to their stories of how happy they are makes it all worth it.

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Valarie said...

Oh, you are so right! Kendall going off to college was HUGE for me. And I would really LOVE to step into his room and trip over an army man!! And now my "baby" is ten, and informing me that she doesn't really want to play with stuffed animals anymore. Yeah, it goes by sooooo fast! (I LOVE your blog. . .in case you didn't know!)

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