Thursday, August 9, 2007


Today was the first day to enroll the little ones at their new school. I knew it would be a long process, so I told the kids to bring something to do and sit quietly while I filled out forms until my hand fell off. Their reward (yes, sometimes in life you gotta pull out all the stops) was a trip to Wendy's for lunch. Yes, that is a reward b/c we don't eat out for lunch...and the Wendy's just opened 2 days ago. Anyways, I'm getting off track.
I walk into the school with all these signs pointing to the tables I'm supposed to go to for new district kids....this chick hands me 2 books to fill out. (Didn't look like we'd be friends)
I turn and see a mom from down the street and she says hello...I make the fake smile and the 'Heyyyyyyyyy how are you doing???' comment and walk to the table to begin my novel. The kids run off to the library to play. (I hope they play nice and make friends)
While I'm writing I can hear the other people around me talking with each other. I thought it would be rude of me to chime in and join. This coming from the girl who chatted with someone in the next stall of a public toilet that I didn't even know...
Anyways, I was good and not only did I not look up and see who they were, I didn't join in. Partly b/c what they were saying was stupid. It was all I could do not to slap my head and yell 'OH COME ON NOW'. They took my mind off all the tedious form and made the time go by faster. I finally finished filling out the forms and noticed I had a few other stations to go to before I could get my booty out of there. Car tag line, nurse line, verify my residence line, tshirt line, PTA line, and another line I ran pasted b/c I didn't want to be social anymore.
On to the reward....WENDY'S yes it is a treat! We actually decided to go inside to eat b/c the place just opened 2 days ago and I thought it would be clean and nice. Boy was I wrong. This restaurant is located near a major construction site. Every dirty worker has his butt in there to eat. I nearly thought I would pass out from the smell of some of these dudes. I swear one of them hadn't showered in a year and I was afraid some ticks would fly off and hit time must remember to either not go at lunch time or get it to go.

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