Monday, August 20, 2007

To eat or not to eat?

So summer is coming to a close and I get on the scales and wonder what sick trick someone is playing. Maybe the batteries are dead? Maybe the scales need to be moved to another part of the bathroom b/c the gravity is having some horrible pull where the scales are sitting.? Or maybe it could be IVE GAINED WEIGHT this summer. Ugh. Boo to those women I grew up with that had to eat to keep weight on. Boo to my father b/c I got his genes and not my mother's. And speaking of jeans...if I don't get this weight off I won't be fitting into my jeans this winter. I like food. Food is our friend. I mean what could be so bad with ice cream? I mean they tell us to get our cream is made with milk so how bad could it be?

Well let me tell you....BAD. I joined this new great site for us chicks. If you haven't been to then you are missing out. These girls are just like us. They are looking to eat, but yet in a good way. Hungry Girl finds recipes and makes them lower in fat and yummy too. On 1 of these I will beg to differ. One recipe was for cheese stuffed jalapenos! We all love those cute little cheese oozing from the green pepper and then deep fried, but we don't love the fried factor on it. So, she gave a substitute recipe that I knew I just had to surprise my DH with. After one bite he pet me on the head and well that was it. I knew I had a loser on my hands. (The jalapenos not my husband) Needless to say most of her suggestions are 110% on and this one should be written off as a major no no!

Later that week we went out for a nice steak (b/c all of us Texans love our beef) and we ordered some armadillo eggs. Now that's what I call a fried cheese jalapeno!
OH, so that is the problem with the scales!
More later on my food problem!

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