Friday, August 24, 2007

You ever have those mornings?

I now know why women have dark circles under their eyes.
It's because they don't get any sleep at night.
My husband has been snoring something awful the past couple of months.
I was on my last straw the past couple of days and decided to get some stuff to squirt down his throat to make him quit. (No, I didn't buy a noose, I said stuff to squirt)
The "stuff" didn't work.
Conversation between husband and wife.

Husband: "Did you hit me again last night?"

Wife: "Yes, you didn't stop snoring and I couldn't get any sleep. I think I saw every hour go by on the clock. Then when I finally fell asleep mini me walks in the room...stands over me in the dark....and says "mommy are you sleeping? My legs feel weird."

Husband: "What did you tell her to do?"

Wife: "Told her to go back to bed. Then I sat there irritated because you snore so loud."

Husband: "Why don't you just ignore the noise and sleep, I do."

Wife: "ugh"

So I finally fall asleep around 5 only to hear the alarm go off for hubby to start his day. But you see it doesn't start there....HE IS A SNOOZER! And not just your hit it once and snooze, but the 45 min snoozer. I get up and take the dog out to pee and hurry back to bed to get some sleep after dear hubby leaves.
Yeah baby! I put my "diva resting" mask over my eyes to block out any light and hear nothing but ohhh so sweet quiet. I drift off after 6:15.
Deep sigh
I lift my mask to see the sun blazing and the clock showing 7:20.
The workers next door decided to start the nail guns and saws at 7:20 am this morning on the new house. Never mind I'm up now.
I think I'll head downstairs and have 1 hour to myself and drink a cup of coffee.
Make that 5 mins....middle child up and dressed with a big grin and a sweet hug and kiss good morning. I guess the noise will have everyone up.

So I called my mom (insert note: I talk to my mom an average of 8 times a day)So I call my mom this morning to tell her about that crazy mother's blog sites latest entry. It is so like every typical mom out there trying to get her kids out the door. I told my mom that this lady is probably going to have a job writing a article for some newspaper or magazine..I'm thinking some parenting magazine...they could market her as "All in a Mom's Day" or something. God Bless my mom. Conversation as follows:

Me: "That lady had me rolling this morning talking about getting kids out the door for school. That is so how it is."

Mom: "See, isn't it nice to know that you don't suffer alone?"

Me: "Yeah, she described my day to a T. You know Mom I wouldn't doubt if some children's magazine calls her and she gets her own monthly section in their publication. She mentioned how she wouldn't turn down an offer to help with her family's income. Man, I'm envious. I wish something like that would happen to me. And to think all his happened because of her funny Ebay auctions that led people to her blog"

Mom: "She stole your idea. You started the whole posting your day as a mom in your blog."

Me: "Um mom, I just started a blog like a month ago and I'm not the first person to do that. There are millions of blogs out there like mine that have been going on for years. I'm sure this lady started her site eons ago."

Mom: "Yeah, but I bet she wasn't funny like you are before all this started."

Me: "Mom, I'm sure she was funny since before all this started."

Mom: "Well you are funny...too bad you didn't come up with that idea."

Me: "Thanks mom....."

Boy I love my mother. She is so good for my ego!

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