Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's all in the name

What is wrong with the Jennifer's, Ashley's, Stacy's and Jason's of this generation? Huh? Huh?
I mean what is so wrong with these names? They are easy to spell and let me tell you ..easy to say. How many times has Stacy had someone pronounce her name wrong? NONE. I swear I look at the list of names coming out in today's baby world and I shake my head. Why do that to your child? Do you really want him or her to constantly correct people. My name is Makayla. The AEIOUGH is silent in my name.
I mean come on. Don't do this to them. But if it isn't a strange spelling its a crazy name. All these celebrity personalities coming out with Coco or Apple. Those are pet names. Give the child a normal name and if you want to call her Coco then so be it.
This all came about because my kids started school in a new area. My daughter will come home and tell me about the new friend she met. Bless her that she can even remember the name. My son is all excited about a girl in his class named Panda. He says that she loves to wear t-shirts with Panda's on them. Now I'm thinking that surely her name really isn't Panda, but it is. Fine for if you are 5, but can you imagine a 30 year old mom on the PTA? "Hi, I'm Panda nice to meet you."
I know I know I am sounding harsh, but I'm tired of hearing about boys named Paris or girls named TeeTee. There is no family story or history behind them. No name past on from generation to generation.
I will admit. I love my state and I was tempted to name my kids after counties, but I didn't. I made life easy for them....I picked names people could say and spell and not torment my children with.
One mom must really be a fan of 60's show 'Bewitched', because my daughter brought home a friend to other day to play and her name was Andora. Now I personally would have wanted to be named Samantha. (I always tried to wiggle my nose just so). I can't wait to see who comes home next week to play.
Now I'm not saying to name your child Stacy or Jessica. Goodness knows we don't want to have another epidemic of calling the name Jason and having 10 heads turn in the direction of their name. I'm only saying, let's name our children something other than a fruit or animal and preferably something we can all pronounce.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The IT house, not the IT girl

From the time I was a little girl I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be exactly what my mom was... A STAY AT HOME MOM. SAHM as we girls like to call it.
I wanted to have a slew of kids that I could walk to the bus stop every morning and wave as they rode off to school.
I wanted to have a slew of kids walk in the door after school screaming they were hungry and wanted a snack.
I wanted the doorbell to ding dong off the wall because so many children were coming over to play.
I wanted to have the IT house.

In the old neighborhood the kids never rode the bus.
In the old neighborhood there were never any children around to come and ring the doorbell asking someone to play.

In the old neighborhood my kids didn't want to play outside because there was nothing to do.

Fast forward to today!
I can't tell you how thrilled I am. I truly love this new town. My husband promised me a great life when he married me and a great place to raise our kids. Boy was he right on both.

Our doorbell never quits ringing. I get tickled at meeting all these new faces.
The latest one is a little 6 yr old boy named Zachery who comes over to play with my Kate. He is always thirsty and always wants to throw the football. Kate can't understand him. She is all girl and only wants to play princess, dress up, or babies....neither of which Zach wants any part of. He came over again after dinner last night and went straight to the kitchen for water. Then told Kate he wanted to throw the ball. I told Kate what a great idea. She gives me this 'oh mother' look and heads out the back door....As I'm watching out the window at the 2 of them I realized the differences in both. As soon as Zach gets near Kate with the ball she chunks it. She doesn't want to get tackled. Zach tackles anyways and I hear Kate tell him to quit because the grass is itchy! Game over! I decided to go out and join them in a game of "monkey in the middle" I'm the monkey! After he leaves Kate says, "I just don't get boys mommy!" Little does she know that one day she will love to have boys come over and play...right now they are just well, just boys.

There is something about this house. I love looking out my living room windows and seeing my boys fishing at the pond. I love looking out my kitchen windows at the green belt and seeing the kids rolling in the grass. I love bandaging little legs that got scraped from falling off their bike. I love hearing my doorbell ring for the millionth time with little people on the other side asking to come in and play.

This is what I envisioned when I was little. This is the IT house I always wanted!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cool Video....

Founding Fathers...

(if you have difficulty reading it to enlarge)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My new toy

My hubby got me, I mean the kids, a Wii system back in July. I had to do a lot of selling on ebay to get that for me, I mean the kids...but by golly I sold and earned the money. Now let me start off by saying I hate playing video games. I think they are boring and time consuming and just plan stupid. I have the attention span of a tiny mouse, but I was intrigued about this new Wii that came out this past Christmas. To think that there was a game you could swing around and hit things and bounce things and have more than you and a buddy play....the whole family could. I LOVE IT....I AM A DORK I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Well, for a few weeks now I have been seeing a promo for a new game called Boogie. You sing and dance. I begged and pleaded and hubby bought it for me, I mean the kids, this weekend. I have never had so much fun in my life. I'm singing at the top of my lungs to "Girls just wanna have fun". The kids are looking at me like I'm nuts. I tried telling them that mommy grew up to that song. My daughter was like, "they had music in the 60's?" Well yes they did, but mommy wasn't born in the 60's thank you very much! Ok I suck at karaoke and my dancing skills look like that of a new born colt, but I love pretending I'm a star. I love watching the kids faces turn purple from laughing so hard. I love hearing their screams of laughter. I can't wait for the kids to head to school tomorrow...I want that thing all to myself....hee hee That is after I do all my chores. (chokes down laughter)
Point of this story? Yes, there is a have to at least try this game system for at least 1 week and tell me you don't have fun!

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