Monday, October 15, 2007


What are you going to do once the kids are in school or grown and gone from the house?

My job is never ending no matter who is home during the day with me. I will still need to wash sheets and towels. The clothes will still need to be laundered. I will still need to go to the grocery store to prepare meals for the week. I will still need to dust/mop/sweep/iron/scrub toilets/do the baseboards/take out the trash/collect the mail/clean fridge out/wipe down appliances.....

the list could go on.

My time is more important than any dollar amount I can bring to my family. Are we rich? Heck no! Do we struggle? At times, but that is why we budget and don't live beyond our means. I would love to have extra cash lying around to buy my hubby that new pickup truck he wants...or buy my kids the latest and greatest toys, but I can't. I want my family to know how much more important family is than material things. Those material things don't's a quick fix. Something newer and better or faster is sure to come out before the dust collects, but yet family never gets old or outdated.

My point job is never ending and I knew this when I signed up for the task. I do my "JOB" with a happy heart and can't wait to spend the rest of my life doing it! I know that when I serve my Husband I am serving and pleasing God. That is all I could ask for. I want to honor my family and raise my children to love God. I pray that by example they will grow up to be strong ppl.
As for my daughter? She wants to be just like me. Here in the home serving her family. She sees me being a SAHM with a smile on my face and love in my heart. I am honored that she would take after me. I know her husband will know how blessed he is to have a woman by his side honoring and serving him too!

When the kids are grown and out of the house starting their own families I will still be the SAHW my husband needs and has come to depend on.

I have given up nothing to be what I am today. It makes my heart hurt to hear other mother's say they are bored...or that they will not give up who they are to stay home...or that they need to prove to the world/other men that they can too work and have a family.

Men and women are designed differently for a reason. A man's body was built for hard work and war. A woman's was made for birthin them babies (grins) and tending to the home. We have a gentle feminine side and men have the rough and rugged side. Thank goodness for that...

I love making my home a place my husband wants to come home to. The place he craves at the end of the day. I love seeing his worries fall off his shoulders when he enters the door to his home knowing he can sit and relax with his family b/c I have done everything to make that possible.

So what will I be doing once the kids are gone? Exactly what I am doing now!


Mommin' It Up! said...

I totally agree! Great post!

Becky said...

What? You wash the baseboards? Stop setting the bar so high for the rest of us!! :)

Valarie said...

Just because the kids grow up and move out doesn't mean your "job" is "done"!! I so agree with everything you said! (And I'm jealous that Mom gets to meet you and I don't!!!)

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