Friday, October 12, 2007

Why is that?

Man I got a bunch of stuff going on in my head...I know my hubby would suggest that I keep them there, but if you know me.....

Why is it when you are leaving an antique store or boutique and DON'T buy anything, why do you say "Thank you"? I mean I know it's good manners, but why thanks? I didn't buy anything fact they should be saying "I'm sorry" when I walk out the door.

Why do you say "oh I'm sorry" when pushing your buggy down the aisle at the grocery store when some one cuts you off? Shouldn't you say "You made an illegal left turn? What do you have to say for yourself?"

Why is it that when you need a dress to wear for an event you can never find a thing? But when you don't have any money and nowhere to go you find a ton of dresses, skirts, shoes etc?

Why is it that you can dust the kitchen island and the next morning all you see is dust?

Funny/sad thing happened. We have a ton of frogs that camp out on our driveway and back porch when the sun fades. It's so funny to see all these 'toadies', as we call them, hanging all about. Yesterday morning my dear hubby left for work (he leaves b4 6am) and he squished a toadie under his truck tire. The kids and I noticed the guts all over the driveway when they came home from work...the neighborhood kids did too. Ugh let me tell you that is nasty to see upclose and slightly fresh. So of course I did the nice thing and LEFT IT THERE FOR HIM TO SCRAPE UP OFF THE PAVEMENT. Here's the funny thing...I think the toadies knew their friend died. NONE were outside after it got dark. Now how weird is that?

Why is it on a school day the kids can't wake up and whine about how tired they are? But come Saturday morning they wake up at the crack of dawn bright eyed and bushy tailed?

Why is it coupons for cereal are Buy 3 get $.50 off? I mean I don't want to buy 3 just to save 50 CENTS! COME ON. Help a coupon clipper girl out would ya?!

Why is it you can plan a vacation in advance for just you and your spouse and one of your kids gets the tummy bug the night before you leave?

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