Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not for the weak stomach

Those 4 words can be misleading at times. I mean I've got 3 kids and I've heard those words more times than I can count, but truly when have they ever puked from saying that? Well this past Monday night was Spaghetti Night. (Do you see where I'm going here?)
Everything was going great...Got dinner ready on time...fed the family...even made dessert...cleaned the kids bathed and in bed...Mini Me told me her tummy didn't feel good, but I chalked it up to eating too much...I mean she was playing and running around just fine all day...tucked kids in bed.....settled down on the couch for some T.V. watching with the hubby when I hear a 2 voices.
Middle child yelling "MOM MOM MOM MOM"
The minute I got to the kids hallway I can smell it....ugh and if you have never smelled spaghetti vomit then you haven't lived as being a parent. Mini Me is standing there in her new thermal pink camo night nights covered in spaghetti...her pretty brown hair laced with it too. Her pretty little face pale green. I enter her room not expecting what I saw.
Every quilt...every sheet...every blanket...every pillow and sham...her special blanket...and esp Baby K. Good news? My new carpets still clean! Whew!
Where does one begin to clean....I'll stop here with the details...
Mini me was sick all night and stayed home with me the past 2 days...we had mommy daughter time chilling w/o the boys!
But my real question is...How do kids always get the tummy bug when it's spaghetti night? Does their bodies save up those sick days for that meal? I don't think I can look at another noodle again!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Out of the mouth of a babe...(child that is)

I'm standing in the loading zone as I like to call it. It's actually the little area where the kids load/unload their backpacks when walking in from the garage. So I am standing there attempting to fold the last of the laundry when I see a shadow come up behind me. I don't turn around b/c I know it's Mini Me standing there.

Mom tone, "What are you doing?"

Mini Me, "I'm fixing to do something."

Mom, "What are you fixing to do?"

Mini Me, "I can't tell you, but I'm not going to toot."

Then she runs off. Hmmm sounds rather odd if you ask me. And no I didn't turn around...wasn't in the mood for odd smells.

His is bigger than mine!

I try to be fair...I really do. I mean if the bread gets torn on 1 slice of 6 while making sandwiches I will try and alternate which kid gets it. Of course I will try and mask it somehow so that no one will know. Not an easy task I tell you. It's like the kids have radars on..."ALERT ALERT YOUR BREAD IS DAMAGED. MOM DOESN'T LOVE YOU BEST" No really, it is like that. If I pour too much milk into someones glass surely that must mean I love that kid more. I will see the kids at the breakfast table studying the glasses. I've tried to explain that I just pour the milk and don't measure it and there is more milk if they drink what's in their glass.

I get up 1 hour before the kids on a school day to not only get some quiet time with God in, but to pack their lunches so no one sees me. Heaven forbid I cut 3 different slices of banana bread. We all know us mom's just love drama in the morning.
But now the biggest no-no I do would be packing their drinks. Some days I run out of juice bottles and not even realize it. I buy just enough for lunches, but it never fails by the end of the week I will run out. So ...yes I will admit here of the 3 gets a soda pop! (DEEP GASP FOR ALL THE PERFECT MOM'S OUT THERE) Never said I was perfect, but I can't let my little honey pie go with out liquid. I always fear that that one kid will come home and announce really loudly, "Thanks mom for the Dr Pepper in my lunch today."

Monday, November 5, 2007

Too cute to pollute!

I know what my little cutie will be sporting this next fall season! Think he/she will cause a stir?

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