Tuesday, November 6, 2007

His is bigger than mine!

I try to be fair...I really do. I mean if the bread gets torn on 1 slice of 6 while making sandwiches I will try and alternate which kid gets it. Of course I will try and mask it somehow so that no one will know. Not an easy task I tell you. It's like the kids have radars on..."ALERT ALERT YOUR BREAD IS DAMAGED. MOM DOESN'T LOVE YOU BEST" No really, it is like that. If I pour too much milk into someones glass surely that must mean I love that kid more. I will see the kids at the breakfast table studying the glasses. I've tried to explain that I just pour the milk and don't measure it and there is more milk if they drink what's in their glass.

I get up 1 hour before the kids on a school day to not only get some quiet time with God in, but to pack their lunches so no one sees me. Heaven forbid I cut 3 different slices of banana bread. We all know us mom's just love drama in the morning.
But now the biggest no-no I do would be packing their drinks. Some days I run out of juice bottles and not even realize it. I buy just enough for lunches, but it never fails by the end of the week I will run out. So ...yes I will admit here ...one of the 3 gets a soda pop! (DEEP GASP FOR ALL THE PERFECT MOM'S OUT THERE) Never said I was perfect, but I can't let my little honey pie go with out liquid. I always fear that that one kid will come home and announce really loudly, "Thanks mom for the Dr Pepper in my lunch today."

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Rhonda said...

As your step-mother, what does this mean - I mean, really?

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