Monday, December 3, 2007

Mini Me is at it again....

Just wanted to boast as a momma!

Mini Me was chosen out of all the 1st graders for an award of Outstanding Achievement for this 6 weeks. Evidently each 6 weeks they choose a student from each grade level for this award. Tomorrow she is going out to lunch with the Principal and Assistant Principal and then they are heading to a Photography studio for a photo session. How exciting is that?
I splurged and bought her a new outfit and tonight before bed we fixed her hair all pretty so in the morning we wouldn't fight with tangles.
Yea Mini Me!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mini Me's Present...

I'm so totally thrilled and had to share something that I am having made for Mini Me's Christmas Gift. I've got a friend with an incredible talent who lives out in Colorado that is making her a handmade doll with matching pinafore dress! I wanted to show off pictures from her blog...Thanks Michelle!

Anyway, last thing - pics of the current project I'm doing (one of about 5 at the moment). A friend in TX employed me to make her daughter an EFA doll as well as a matching pinafore for her daughter to wear. It was a lot of fun. The pinafore is done, just working on the doll now. All that's left is her little shoes.

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