Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Mine would say "Love Bucket"

Looking for a new way to get your 64oz of water daily? If you are like me you need all the motivation you can get.
Today while stalking another great mom's blog (thank you Ohana Mama) I found something that not only can be fun, but can inspire you to drink more water. Love Bottles are reusable glass bottles that let you write and draw on them...Customize them to say what you want and then change it when the mood strikes.
Make sure though that you buy more than one and leave little love notes for your sweetie when he heads to work.... or buy some for your kids and have special "knock knock" jokes to make them giggle...

Love Bottle

Worried about dropping them? They even have bottle carriers!

What's your LOVE BOTTLE say?

If you visit Ohana Mama's Blog
she is giving you a chance to win one of these you understand you will have to share w/me if you win! ;o)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


WOW...first and foremost was that the fastest 3 months in the world? Just this time last year I was a few weeks away from conceiving her (TMI I and now here I am with this precious little bundle!!

She is the apple of my eye....I really couldn't have asked for a happier....well adjusted baby.

We, ok me....I had some issues to work out w/her sleeping pattern...she would keep me up at night until 1am fighting sleep....for now all of that seems to be behind us. She is going down sometime between 9 and 10pm and staying asleep until 8 or 9 the next morning.....I found what works for us....belly sleeping!! I'm not worried about her....she sleeps in a blanket sleeper and can roll from her tummy to back ....whatever works for you I say!

First thing in the morning she is soooo happy!! I hear her when she wakes b/c she is coo'ing and babbling. I sneak in and peek over her crib and say a happy good morning to her......she squeals w/laughter. I love that about her!!! Then she gets a diaper change and off for a boob!!!! This is another special morning time w/her. She just looks up at me ....and playing w/my shirt....occasionally she will pull off and smile and then back to sucking away! This little one is a talker. She will talk to me for 5mins straight sometimes. I truly wish I knew what she was saying. I guess she has a lot to talk about since she slept for so long.

The kids are terrific w/her. She smiles and grins and talks to them when they are near!! Kate and Grayson have really gotten good at picking her and holding her for me if she gets fussy! Lily would rather be in the middle of the chaos then sitting somewhere....

She loves playing on her mat....she has already rolled from tummy to back and the other day was working on back to tummy....I walked over to her and was laughing b/c she was stuck on her side....her legs were all the way over...she just hadn't thrown her arms there...pretty soon we will find her rolled into a wall! :o)

Lily is a thumb/hand sucker. She is always putting her hand in her mouth....or grabbing her shirt and putting that in her mouth....or her burp rag etc. Half the pictures we have of her she has her tongue out. The lady at Target yesterday asked Lily if she was sticking tongue out at her...I told the lady that she has it sticking out almost all the time...not to take it personal! hee hee

She lovesss bath time....we started using sign language w/her for water....milk....more...granted I know know know that it is way too early, but in my mind it is never too soon! The other 3 kids used some signs and so I am looking forward to teaching Lily too!

I am truly blessed to have Lily in my all our lives! Each day is precious and wonderful....I can't wait for each moment w/her...what new wonder she will discover tomorrow!

Monday, December 15, 2008


This is a great recipe for the kids to help out with.

Cake Balls

Pick a cake mix and frosting you like that go together...I chose Devil's Food cake and Cream Cheese icing.

Bake cake according to package

While still hot...crumble in a bowl w/a hand mixer until fine....

Mix in 3/4 to full can of frosting and mix (about consistency of paste)

Chill in fridge for about 2 hours

Put some wax paper on a baking sheet and using a melon baller or ice cream scoop (I used a small one) scoop out some mix and roll balls in your hands (about 1.5" or smaller)

Freeze for about 6 hours

Melt some candy wafers and dip balls in melted chocolate...

Work in small batches...

Store room temperature since the fridge will make them sweat...(yuck)

Enjoy! The kids will have a blast...

Next I'm going to try strawberry cake mix and strawberry frosting....Kate wants to try the confetti cake mix!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


December 11th Lily rolls for the first time.....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Little Lil Chatting w/Mum

Here is little Lily at 2 months having a chat w/me! Boy is she a talker...I wonder where she gets that Ha Ha

Thursday, November 27, 2008


OHHH me oh my! I sure hope Lily can at least get some wear out of these for photo sake!

My MIL went crazy this past week and bought Lily the cutest outfits/gift sets by the Bunnies by the Bay collection

The first set has the most adorable shoes...hat...outfit...pants....and lovey named Lolliwaddle...

Emmie's Wonderdress

and lastly......

My Dream Coat

The set includes a swing coat, bunny muff, bunny ears hat, and "My Dream Coat" storybook box with picture frame. It comes nestled inside a beautifully illustrated storybook box. ....for your daughter to pass down to hers. The coat has stitching inside that says......

"Once within this dreamy cost, danced a dainty lass. Remembering all the glad dreams, to her daughter the coat will pass."

Monday, November 24, 2008


Here are a few nursing positions Lily gets herself into...

The Cuddler Position

This is the position where we are tummy to of her arms is behind my back rubbing it and the other is hanging on the neck of my shirt

The Laid Back Lady Position

This is where she is latched on but flat on her back....legs and arms out to all sides (looks like making snow angels) I like to call this her 'one too many milk shots the night before' look

The Kitty Position

Again we are tummy to tummy and both of her hands are grasping my breast kneading it like a little kitten getting mommy milk

The Body Warmer Position

This is another tummy to tummy position, but every leg and arm are tucked tightly under my arms or breast like she is trying to get warm


Sunday, November 23, 2008


Lily's Gma GiGi's best friend Toni bought Lily this bear....she can't stop smiling at it or chatting to it! Here were some photos to capture her talking to the lovey!


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Tricks I definitely did not lose on my 7 year hiatus of not having a new baby around....

  • Standing up nursing while cooking dinner
  • Picking up objects w/my feet w/o having to bend over
  • Holding my breath for long periods of time in order to not wake a sleeping baby
  • Sleep in spurts
  • Hold my bladder b/c you don't have a moment to sit down
  • Change a diaper on my lap
Stay tuned for more tricks mom's are capable of doing....

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Middle child Jake aka Hedgie turned the big 10 yesterday (11/12/08).
I can't believe how fast time has gone by...from my little bald headed blue eyed baby who giggled in his crib to the bike man fighting....4th grader!

Happy Birthday my little big man!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


(Goofy Girl photo)

Little Lil is growing so much....she recognizes us and smiles when she does...the kids crack her up!!!
she loves having raspberries blown on her tummy...she loves being laughed at...which makes her laugh...she has a giggle that is adorable. she loves seeing us in the mirror during her bath time...she grins from ear to ear.
Lily is a really happy baby ...unless she is in her carrier in the car...or not being paid attention too. :o)

she is outgrowing her clothes (sniff sniff) and outgrowing her socks....time is flying by

She has finally est a bedtime routine...(thank you God) and gets a bath at 6.30ish...boob at 7 and again at 8...the 8'clock is in her room where she is finally going down w/o having to have me go in there a million times to rock her to sleep...and she sleeps for about 6-7 hrs b4 waking for a feeding....

Little Lil's baby acne is finally starting to has taken over 3 weeks's not 100% gone, but we are almost there. I'm now not asked what is wrong w/my baby anymore

I finally got a baby sling that we both like...she passes out and I'm able to get errands run and some house chores now.

Lily is working on tummy time...which she actually likes...

Thursday, November 6, 2008


what makes my little girl giggle? talking like an weirdo...blowing raspberries on her belly and eating her toes. she has the most incredible giggle...
it is amazing how much she has changed in a just 1 week. i can't believe she will be 6 weeks tomorrow..where has time gone?.....
happy 6 weeks Little Lil...

Monday, October 27, 2008


Whew...Little girl is 1 month already...I can't say it has been all fun and games since the minute we came home with her...but pretty close.

She likes to see if I have a sense of really depends on the time of day...and she usually picks the middle of the night for her test. Lily is in the process of trying to get the hang of things at night....ohhhh you know the typical...."Do you want me to be awake or asleep? Make up your mind mom" Well I want you asleep at night and awake to play during the day. I don't think she understands me yet. There are probably 5 days out of 7 that she stays up until 1-3am and won't go to sleep. Oh she will alright on the boob or in my arms, but the minute I lay her down she is wide awake....I will literally do this for hours at the night trying to get her to sleep. What is soooo disturbing about that is that during the day I can put her in the carrier...take the kids to school...come home...take the sleeping baby out of the carrier and put her in the crib....OUT LIKE A LIGHT AND NOT ONE PEEP....but nooooooooooooo she doesn't do that at night.

All in all she is a terrific baby. She goes w/the flow really well considering the fact that she is baby #4

Lily's Schedule as of 1 month

She wakes up around 7-8am every morning for a boob....then takes big brother to school and then finishes her nap until 9 or so. Then she gets a boob again. (see the pattern) then watches mommy take a 5 second shower in the bouncy seat. Then cries while mommy does the speed dance...that consists of brushing her teeth...drying her hair (when she washes it) putting powder on her face (although I think mommy is pretty w/o any) bounces my chair to hush me...then dresses...then makes her bed. Then diaper change and downstairs for another boob....
then hangs out for a few hours....then another boob and down for a nap....this is short...b/c she usually chooses to go down for a great nap b4 the kids come home...which bites b/c I have to put her in the car to pick the big kids up.....she is woken for a boob by the car by 3:30 and back home to bed (usually stays asleep) until close to me make dinner...gets a boob...takes a cat nap...then bath at 7......more boob.....slight sleep and then by 9 more boob and thus starts the night time bed routine...
she either fights me until 10 or 11...or on a really good night it's after midnight-1am
she will then wake around 1 or 2 for a boob.....then again at 4...or if I'm lucky stays down until 7ish! whewwwwwwwwwww
I've learned to change diapers in the dark and catch poo w/1 hand too!

I have also remember that God did give mommy's 4 hands....what do you think our feet and toes are for??

Sadly little girl got baby acne at 3 weeks and it is holding looks soooo pitiful on her cute face!

Here are some pictures from 2 weeks to 4 weeks (in order)

and now my favorite pic...the baby acne...falling over...grinning photo

Friday, October 10, 2008


Just because you are a few lbs from your pre pregnancy weight doesn't mean it is all hanging in the same spot as it was before. Those were my thoughts as I was standing in front of the mirror this morning. I do have to admit I am rather happy's only been 2 weeks and I am 3lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. I think it took me 18m to even get close w/the other 3! I guess we really do get better with age.

Well my baby girl is 2 weeks today....and has done a lot of growing in that time. We are both learning new things about each other. Like I am learning that they are can survive on just a few hours of sleep per night...and she is learning that mommy will hold her for hours for just being cute....She is always a perfect sleeper during the day hours....she is alert a handful of times too. I swear she is the smartest baby in the world. She can read minds and grins as if she knows what we are saying to her.
There are also evenings when she makes mommy want to cry! She loves being held and nursing...which in turn makes it for a really long night.
This sleep when baby sleeps during the day must have been said by someone who didn't have other children. It sounds perfect, but that actually happening is slim to none around here!

Happy 2 weeks little girl!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


  • Newborn poo can shoot up to or over 5 feet
  • Newborn poo is the color of French's Yellow mustard
  • They say breastfed poo has mustard seeds...they are crazy...I don't know what those are...but not seeds
  • Newborn poo smells like buttered popcorn
  • Newborns are talented...they wait until you put a fresh diaper on them and load up another one
  • Newborns are talented...they also wait until the diaper is off of them...while you are reaching for another clean one ...just so they can poo all over the fresh diaper and changing table
  • Newborn poo can go everywhere but in the diaper
  • Newborns seem to have a perfect knack for waiting to make the biggest messes during the middle of the night right after you finally got them to sleep!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lily's 5th day

Little girl had a great day. Her poor mother dressed her up yet again and made her pose (or lie there) for pictures on the porch. She laid on the bench that her big sister took many a pictures on when she was just a wee thing! Lily will follow in her footsteps!
She is so precious to look at sweet to smell....and so yummy to kiss!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lily's first couple of days....

(1 day old)
Lily is doing great...during the day..she does have her days and nights mixed up. I can't help but stare at her all day long...and night too! :o)

She is nursing like a champ...for a 1 day old....I am incomplete awe of her...

(2 days old)

Day 2...still an angel...she only cries when she is having her diaper changed or the lovely sponge bath we gave her! She looks at us w/just 1 eye if to say "hey who's there" ...we've nicknamed her our little pirate...arrrrrrrrrr
She still has her days and nights confused....I don't though and I can tell you I'm tired!

(3 days old)
Today we couldn't help but dress her up and put bows in her hair...she does not seem to mind. Still the perfect little girl....sleeping all day and up for hours at night!

(4 days old)
Well Miss Lily had her 4 day check up today...her color looks perfect and she didn't lose any of her birth weight! The day was perfect....I tried to keep her awake today, but she didn't seem to care and slept though all the talking and vacuuming. Needless to say she was up nursing from 9-2am....I would finally get her asleep ...put her down and boom.... She's up showing off her lungs! Well so much for that! Why is it during the day she can go straight to sleep and sleep for hours...but at night she is torturing me! :o)
I can't quit kissing that pretty little face of hers!

Lillian Brenna makes her arrival.....

Lily's Birth best to my knowledge...hee hee

(photo of Lily 1hr old)

Well let's just say I had wanted it planned where the kids were in school and I gave birth and then came home as they got out from school...and amazingly it worked out just like that!!

8pm Thursday night I started having cramps every 15mins...but then again as most pregnant women know this is nothing new.....I ignored the cramps and went to bed....I woke up around 2am...and they were still 10-15mins 4am I got up for a potty break and water broke....

I told hubby about my water and his words were, "pretend I'm your midwife and go back to bed and rest"......sure honey whatever you instead I sat in the bed timing contrax....they were about 10mins apart...

I got up by 5:30 to shower and dress...went downstairs and called the family (they are 4hrs away) and started getting the kids breakfast and lunches ready for school....

Kids got up and we told them the news. They needed details on what the water was and where was it coming from...:o)...I called the midwife and she said to just meet her there at 8:45 to check me...

Kids off to school......we head to birthing contrx are only 10 mins apart.....she checks me and I'm only a 1. ugh...So she says go home and grab breakfast and come back in 2 hours...I remember asking her what I shouldn't eat...she said anything I wouldn't enjoy coming back up. hee hee

Hubby takes us for some yummy pastries and by the time we get home I'm laboring pretty good...I do have a chance to eat half a muffin...but I'm noticing the contrax are getting closer, so we quickly pack and get back to the birthing center in less than 2 hrs...(arrive at 11:30am)

Now I'm contracting every 4-6 mins....some back to midwife Jean checks me and I'm a 3...she lets me labor and will check on me when I need her or every 30mins to monitor me and the baby...

She comes back 30 mins later and I'm a 4...laboring pretty hard...I head to the bathroom and by the time I come back I am hurting...Ok loudly moaning...I tell hubby that there is no break...they are coming 1min apart back to back w/lots of pressure....but in my mind it has only been a few mins since she checked me....I'm starting to panic....I see the clock and wonder how on earth I will be able to continue in this kind of pain for another couple of hours??!! Your mind starts messing with you....I tried so hard to concentrate on Lily and how wonderful would be to finally see her...but then it just felt like some twisted game ...seriously! I'm walking the room...that didn't help...I tried the rocking chair...that didn't help....I tried leaning over the bed...that helped for a bit...the pain now is not manageable.

The contrx are coming harder and harder and I quit walking and swaying and hop on my side on the this point...I think i'm really moaning I'm grabbing hubby's hand for support....(needless to say the dear one is sporting a nice bruise on his upper forearm). I remember looking at him and me....

The midwife assist comes in and starts the water in the bath...I do remember thinking "how on earth are they going to get me in there...I'm not budging"

only 25 mins went by and I feel the need to push...I panic b/c I know I was only a 4 last time she checked me....I scream for my midwife who tells me to push..i tell her no... She says It's ok....I'm fully dilated...

WHAT.....IT HAD ONLY BEEN 25 MINS....GOOD NIGHT wonder the pain was earth shattering. I had natural labor w/my last 2 and the pain was nothing compared to I know why...I progressed to a 10 over hours with the other children ...but with Lily I got from a 4 to a 10 in 25 mins....

So I start pushing and I know I'm making a lot of midwife finally says..."close your mouth and push from your bottom" Oh yeah...I remember now ....I finally quiet myself and push with it all....My midwife is guiding Lily....hubby and the midwife assistant pushing and holding both my feet!!!! They keep telling me I'm almost there...that they can see her head, but I don't believe them....I feel fire and pain and don't feel like I am getting anywhere...Hubby keeps saying 'push honey push' I want to shout at everyone...I AM I AM ....15mins later... I push one last time and I can see her head and final push and there is my girl...lungs full of air and screaming....yippee...

Hubby was terrific the whole time....I do remember him kissing my lips and my forehead...telling me how terrific I was doing....but to hear his story a demonic tone shot from my mouth telling him to back I guess by the death grip and bruise he is partially right.

Holding her in my arms for the first time was amazing....she was so alert and looking around....We noticed right off her dark black telling what color her eyes are ...we are holding off for blue... ;o)

so at 1:11pm Little Lillian Brenna entered the world weighing 8lb 11oz..... 21.5" long...and perfect!

If I remember any more details I'll post them later...I'm exhausted....I guess staring at her all night long instead of sleeping was a bad idea! But I couldn't help it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She's taken up residence!

You know you really have to try and find humor in it all....39 weeks pregnant and in the Texas heat no less...

So today I open my email and find yet another article from my 1 of many pregnancy related emails I get daily....
Today's had to do with "8 Ways to Stay Motivated" ...alright I'm thinking...this is right up my alley! I am starting to lose steam and I feel like the baby is never going to come out. I think she likes it wayyyy too much inside my ever growing belly and maybe mommy should start making things a bit uncomfortable in there for her. YEAH RIGHT...AS IF I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN...

Anyways, here is an excerpt from the article.....

8 Hidden Reasons to Stay Motivated
Ways to Rediscover Your Drive for Health

Pregnancy is an intimidating thing. Yet, our friends, our family, sometimes people on the streets tell us that everything will be fine and that pregnancy will be a great experience. Here's a few reasons why they are right, and why you should keep working towards having a healthy baby, even when you are tired of adding up vitamins, tired of trying to exercise, and tired of following everything the doctor suggests.

Here are 10 of our ‘hidden' motivating reasons to stay healthy during your pregnancy. Use one or all of them to keep the fire burning inside you.

Ok stop right there.....I gave up exercising when my bladder felt like it was falling out of me while trying to speed walk....I gave up the vitamins...well b/c I kept forgetting to take them....and as for following doctors instructions....what were those? I mean we are pregnant not medically challenged.

on to article...

1. Confidence

How did it feel after that first walk around the block? Or when you first went to the doctor and heard the words "healthy baby?" The more and more you accomplish toward pregnancy health, the more you'll believe in yourself and your abilities as a mother.

My accomplishments today..."making the many trips up and down the stairs while doing laundry and picking up kids rooms"

2. Make the week easier

Ever felt like a week was taking forever? Like it feels like Friday, but it's only Tuesday? Your feet are swollen, everything is aching, and you just want to shout "Will this ever end?". Concentrate on smaller chunks of time instead of the all-too-intimidating 40 weeks. Think of little steps that you can take to get your baby the stuff it needs. The week will not only go faster but be more enjoyable.

As for the concentrating on smaller chunks of time...all one can think about this late in the game is HOW MUCH LONGER...............

3. Gives you purpose

Every once in a while, we need a good reason to get out of bed. Here is your biggest reason, right in front of you. Eat the healthy breakfast that's going to jump start your day, or walk to the driveway and grab the newspaper. Keep caught up on your doctor's appointments. When you're motivated, you have a reason to do what you do.

My motivation for getting out of bed is going to the bathroom every 2 hours in the middle of the night so I can go back to sleep.

4. For your kids

And your grandkids. And their kids, too. The healthier you are, the healthier your baby will be, and the better able you'll be to watch your kids grow and spoil your grandchildren. The fun doesn't end once you've given birth. You'll need even more energy for the years to come, so why not start the momentum of being concerned for your health now?

I'm eating my yogurt...drinking my organic milk....having my fruit....and last time I checked chocolate was considered one of the food score one for being healthy...

5. The 'wow' effect

Picture this: Walking into a store, running into a friend, their eyes light up. "Wow, you look great!" If you are working hard during your pregnancy to stay healthy, it will show. The healthier you are, the more confident you'll become. That pregnancy glow will be obvious. You're going to be a great mom, and everybody knows it. Watch the "Wows" add up.

What they are really thinking, "wow I can't believe she is still seems like she's been pregnant forever...and danggggggggg her belly is getting huge. Better her than me."

6. Energy boost

Pregnant or not, exercising gives you energy. At first, this might seem a little counterintuitive, but it's true! Even just a 30-minute walk will rev up the body. So, the more you exercise, the more energy you'll have to do everyday tasks that you might otherwise have flopped out on. Exercise is good for your baby too!

I look ridiculous walking in a waddle...holding my belly w/one hand and the other placed on the small of my back hoping it doesn't give out....but thanks for telling me something I didn't already know

7. Keep gaining experience

The more you do, the more you learn. You'll discover what pregnancy tactics work best for you and which ones don't. What worked for your sister or your best friend might not work for you. But you'll figure it out and become an expert for your own baby. So keep on trying even if the "magic cure" for heartburn doesn't quite do the trick for you. You'll figure out your own mystical solutions.

I already know the cure for heartburn...IT'S CALLED BIRTH

8. Rewards will feel like rewards

What's your favorite food? Cookies, ice cream, a big double cheeseburger? For most of us, it's the food that no one should eat on a regular basis. But every once and a while, when that craving hits, that food will just taste great. And when you are treating yourself, enjoy it! You can worry about the folate and calcium later.

What is the definition of every once in a while? No one should stand between a pregnant woman and her cravings!

Well after reading this article I was motivated to get up from the computer...take a potty break and reach for the chocolate bar that was calling my name!
Today I will work on exercising more by rewarding myself with a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich while having the 'wow effect' of .....Gosh I am special and deserve this moment! Doesn't everyone benefit from a happy mommy???!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Knock Knock..."Let me out of here!"

Just thought I would update....


I told my midwife that if I am still full of child next Friday she was going to check me...I don't care if I hear I'm only least I'd know I'm the big loser I feel I am!

I have been having some productive (at least I tell myself that) pressure waves. Although Little Lily decides to make those happen around 2am-5am....WHEN I'M SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING. They disappear and by 5am the alarm goes off and we are up for the day. I usually use that time from 2-5 walking the room...feels better than laying down in bed.

My MIL thinks my date will be September 26th...I'm shooting for October 1st. My favorite month of the year!

Stay tuned!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricanes and Babies

My midwife said that they have had 4 births in 2 days b/c of the low pressure in the weather due to the hurricane. Why doesn't my baby feel the pressure?! ;o)
(sits patiently and waits...tick tock)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home Stretch....37 weeks

Stretch being the key word! I feel like my belly can't stretch anymore. I am sure I have said that with each pregnancy, but this time I mean it!

We were 37 weeks on Monday and I have another midwife appt tomorrow! I really love the birthing center. My midwives make me feel so welcome and at ease the minute I walk in the door!

As for baby L....I have finally got her lamp up....(the shade still isn't decorated yet) ...the chair is in the corner ready for nursing.....Pretty much all we need is a baby!

Little notes for Lily...
My feet are swollen and are nasty looking....they feel ankles are becoming cankles...thanks sweetie...and the scar on my shin/ankle is starting to look gross....
Did I mention my back aches and my heartburn/reflux is at an all time high! I waddle when I walk and the teachers at your brother and sister's school like to giggle at mommy! Don't worry baby will get payback when you have my grandchild one day! ;o)
Love you,
Your mommy

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Babe's Chicken

Oldest son had his 12th birthday...YES 12th...ugh makes me feel old...
Anyways...We celebrated it traditional style like we do every year....

Lucky us...they just opened a new one right down the road from us! MMMMM MMMM GOOD

Happy Birthday Gray

Baby Shower.....are we there yet?

Whew....I think we are finally in the home stretch! The kids keep laughing and pointing at my belly...(thanks kids) and hubby says he does not remember what I looked like before I was carrying around a "beach ball" ...ummm thanks???
My ankles and tops of my feet started swelling last Saturday and I have officially had to start putting my feet up higher than waist level for hours at a time....which in turn makes my back hurt...ok you get the point...the list could go on!

Some of my dear friends in the neighborhood threw me and Baby Lily a baby shower last weekend!

My next door neighbor is due a few weeks before me and we got a belly shot's fun to see how we all carry our babies! She is having a boy named Oliver....we're having a girl named Lily
(any Hannah Montana fans see the irony??)

More pics of the shower....

Things are now washed and put away....I've hung some pictures in the baby's room....I am resting as much as all I have to do is sit back and wait for labor to begin. Oh happy happy joy joy!

All joking aside...Mini Me is looking forward to the big day of becoming a big sister! Me too!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Out of the Mouth of a Babe

Babe as in child...not little hot thang...

Question of the Day:

While getting Mini Me ready for her first day of 2nd grade today she asked,

"Mom I really want to know where boogers come from. Do you how they get in there?"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Midwife 34 week appt update

Whew....I can't believe I got to type 34 weeks....Seems like just yesterday we were trying for this little package!!! Time flies when your having fun....or just flies in general...either way we are almost there!

Lily is no longer transverse ...her HEAD IS DOWN AND IN PERFECT POSITION FOR BIRTHING. You go my little angel!!!! She's been transverse since at least my 19 week u/s and I was starting to think ...nooooo you don't! But she is a good girl! No telling when she flipped..I didn't feel a thing...I mean it always feels tons of movement in there! I swear she is making snow angels!!! Heart beat still perfect and I only gained 1 lb so the kids and I went to Wendy's to celebrate! LOLLLLLLLLLLLL Sorry couldn't help myself!!! I've been craving a spicy chicken sandwich lettuce only since a friend and fellow blogger talked about Wendy's!

The midwives gave me my 'packing' list and I really hadn't given it much thought. I mean here I am pregnant with #4 and never once have I have pre-packed a bag. I just do it the day of! I'm a chick..I change my mind constantly....I mean come on (grins)

It was so nice after my appt (there wasn't anyone after me) to sit and talk with the midwife and Lynne (the awesome secretary/wing girl LOL) for an extra 35 mins about birthing...and breastfeeding etc... Unlike my old dr's office...that would totally be unheard of....!

I can't tell you how excited I am about birthing there with women who support me and will be by my side from the time I get there to the time I leave! I am so much in love with this baby it is unreal ...and knowing I won't be at the hospital has eased my concerns more than you can know!

Friday, August 15, 2008

50 things about Me...

A fellow friend and blogger Joanne did a 50 Things about herself...and I felt compelled to see if I could come up with 50 things about me. Not easy...I think it took me weeks to compile this kids were very you are are are have brown eyes...etc...thanks kids!


1. I have a freaky freckle on the palm of my ring finger of my left hand, but it was removed.

2. Another freckle grew back on the palm of my right hand.

3. I can't drive a standard.

4. I eloped and don't regret one second of it

5. Nursed my daughter until she was 18m old

6. Will be using a midwife for birth #4

7. People think I'm Chinese or of some Asian decent, but I'm not.

8. Been pulled over for speeding 8 times and given 2 tickets

9. Was a summer events coordinator/and driver for a private school and didn't check the van's gas light and ran out of gas with a van full of the middle of no where!

10. Threw up underwater while scuba diving

11. Had skin cancer and a nice 4 inch scar on my shin to prove it

12. If one hand gets wet I have to wet the other one or it feels weird.

13. I collect crosses.

14. Have vertigo on a daily basis

15. Ate so many chocolate covered strawberries that I puked. I had a 4 and 2 yr old at the time and they toilet papered the living room and me.

16. Finally learned to 2 step by my hubby at age 31

17. Want 5 kids....

18. Took 3 years of Spanish and can't speak a lick

19. Always wait until the gas light comes on in the car before I fill up the tank.

20. I've never run out of gas, but that once...but that didn't count b/c I didn't notice the light was on!

21. I dream in Black & White and it's always nighttime.

22. I wish I was a professional photographer.

23. I crave Water

24. I could sit and read books for hours and hours.

25. Prefer only reading books with sequels...I hate when they end...but will read anything.

26. Scream, "WHAT TIME IS IT?" when I see a giant clocks.

27. I love to sing song lyrics...only to find out that I don't truly know the words.

28. Took 3 years of drafting to be an architect.

29. I got carded for buying spray paint...I was 30 yrs old with my kids

30. Love being a SAHM

31. Cry at every episode of Little House on the Prairie....even though I've seen them a million times

32. Talk too much.

33. Walk too fast.

34. I have issues with being late....actually panic if I'm on time.

35. I show up 45 mins early for a movie.

36. I've worn the same earrings every single day for the past 6 years.

37. I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them.

38. I can't sleep in complete silence.

39. I love horror movies...more scary...not slasher

40. I have too many magazine subscriptions.

41. Back in the day I had a total of 7 piercings at once...

42. Wishes I was a wife and mother in the 50's.

43. I have naturally curly hair and straighten it everyday.

44. I'm naturally a shy person..I force myself to talk to ppl. My husband would beg to differ..

45. I always think of witty comebacks....way after the situation has happened and I did nothing at the time.

46. I believe in natural self-weaning...not vax'n ...and baby wearing!

47. Think global warming is a crock and I'm using cloth diapers because it's cheaper ...not to save the earth 1 diaper at a time

48. Can't stand feminist women...blah blah blah

49. I am the clumsiest girl in the world....just ask hubby my nickname. (well one of them)

50. I let the kids eat cake for breakfast on their birthdays! woohoo

Patience and Dogs

It's funny really.....I wake up early to have some 'quiet devotion time' b4 the house wakes up. During the summer months it's great...the kids sleep in until 8:30ish and I wake up around 7ish....But during the school year my devotion times get a bit rushed...I have to wake up by get my shower...dress and get my devotion time in b4 the kids come downstairs for breakfast....ugh..not looking forward to that time again in the next couple of weeks!

This morning we got some very much needed rain. Wouldn't you know it? It starts raining just as my hubby rises to take the dog out ....ugh. The dog hates the rain...

Hubby leaves for work and I will wander down to start the coffee and read my devotions....and yes...again the dog wants to go out. Most of the time I make him wait....he doesn't need to go...he just went a hour b4....But when he finishes eating his food...I do know he needs to go out....ugh

So here I sit....reading my whining at the door and raining....I know the scene....we walk out there...he gets in the yard...realizes it's raining and he wants back in...I've done this routine a million times...I've tried something to hold over him..I've tried.

So he's done eating and goes to the door...stares at me...whimpers.....stares at door....stares at me...whimpers....and I'm thinking ohhhh great!!!

I should make him wait I really should...I mean I know the drill. But what if this is different....I mean what if he really does need to go and doesn't mind the rain?.... I get up....get the umbrella....march him outside and guess what? He doesn't go...but runs back to the door....

I'm frustrated and angry and wet......AND I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN......

Sit back at my computer and start my devotion...and the subject PATIENCE....LOLLLLLLLLLL

I think maybe God is telling me something :o)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Baby Bumps

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Only me.....

Today I had a ton of errands to run and didn't have the kids with me so I was taking full advantage of today.

My last stop was with my midwife....everything was a-ok! We're 32 weeks and counting....Baby L is transverse still, but no cause for alarm since we have time yet! It is nice to know that all this time that I'm rubbing and talking to my baby, that was her butt and not her head! (grins)

So I finally get home and I'm starving...All I had today was toast for brekkie...lunch was a Smoothie King (angel food/skinny)! I came home and reallllllllllllllllllly wanted to make a chocolate cake, so instead I settled for a bag of popcorn! Microwave signals that it is done and I'm wishing I had chocolate to pour over it....
I grab the bag...shake....and then proceed to pull the corners apart to open the steaming hot bag....but nothing happens. So I pull the other corners...nothing I tug harder and BOOM....the bag rips open and the popcorn goes flying everywhere...2 hot kernels fly down my shirt in between 'the girls' YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I'm hopping up and down and shaking my bra.....Can you believe I have 2 red burn marks???? Only me!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Slip Sliding Awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The camp does a terrific job of posting about their day...down to the food they ate. Boy am I jealous...I think my son is eating better at camp than he does at home! Their breads and desserts are homemade there....(clears throat..I sometimes make my desserts homemade)

They post pictures here I'll sit scanning the crowd of kids searching for my son's head...and sure enough I spotted him in 3 photos...he didn't even know the camera was pointed on him...

After dinner last night they did a Giant Shaving Cream Slide. From the looks of the picture it seems they had to climb the slide LOL

Basically I have been worrying if he was having fun for nothing! I'm such a mother!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Campfire and Smores....

Our oldest left for camp yesterday...we made the 3.5 hour trek in the car to take him....and that back. Whew....this pregnant chick traveled better in the car than I thought!

He literally talked non-stop the whole way there (I have nooooooooo idea where he gets that) and was almost jumping out of his seat when we finally arrived. The place was totally cool! I want to go to camp again! It was in East Texas in the Piney Woods area and the trees on the trip there were beautiful. It brought back memories of going to school in Nacognoches!

We checked him in and then walked down a dirt trail to boys cabins! I was wearing flip flops and wasn't prepared for the dirt on my shoes or the heat.... we were sweating like pigs I tell ya...the temp was around 103. Whew!

Here is goober boy outside his cabin

We met his cabin counselors and then got his bunk ready and headed off for the trail to the lake for their swim test.

The lake was quite a distance from the cabin, but we finally found it! Oh My I tell you what....that swimming lake has got to be every kids dream! He stood in line and I saw some mother's from church and had to stop to visit!

This is where we left him.....I didn't want to go, but it was 5pm and we had to head home. I know he will have an incredible experience. The camp has a parent's site that you can log into daily and read reports and see videos and pictures of the kids in activities. How cool is that?

Check out the swimming lake..who wouldn't enjoy that?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rocking and Rolling

I love these moments when the baby is getting the point where they don't thump as much as ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. You know like an ocean wave. The kids get a giggle out of watching baby L roll from one side to another. Or better yet...they like to balance something off my belly and see how long baby L keeps it there before knocking it off.
Oh there is nothing better than cheap entertainment for the kids this summer! It's fun for me the first couple of rolls, but I kid you not....she can keep this up for 30 mins. I've timed it! She also likes the hours of 10pm-11pm to entertain herself. Baby L decides this is the time she will try out her Dance Dance Revolution moves. I hope she doesn't think that she can keep that up after she is out!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Official

Yep....It's official...I am pregnant. I mean what's a pregnancy without the wonderful leg cramps called "Charley Horse". I mean why a horse? That cramp that makes you spring from the bed and hop around like a monkey feels nothing like a horse.
I thought I would have escaped those things....but nope...this morning as I rolled over to upright my huge self left leg cramped! I'm hopping around my room trying hard not to scream out b/c the kids were still asleep. (any bit of quiet/alone time I can have in the morning is best) So here I am 31 weeks pregnant.....21 lbs heavier......Dolly Parton sized milkers....heartburn and reflux....that numbness above my ribcage b/c of the baby pressing on nerves that drives me crazy b/c it is annoying and hurts....water retention....shortness of breath....nose bleeds....waddles....back aches....having to pee every few minutes...lack of sleep...freaky dreams...ok I could go on....but it's official I'm pregnant!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Man I crack myself up!

After church today we head to Black Eyed Pea....I was craving pot roast (again) and even though we went there last Sunday after church....Daddy BB said we could go again! Thanks hun. So we get our same table with our same waiter and I'm happy as a clam. I like the waiter...he is 1 of 8 kids and knows about having more than 1 kid at a table....(running for refills etc) While waiting for our food my middle child says...

" manicures have gloss?"

Me: (thinks odd question, but sure I'll answer him)
"Yes, you can get a clear gloss or colored gloss.....and with pedicures, which are mom's favorite, come with a foot rub and scrub etc."

At this point I'm just going off on pedi's and mani's....his eyes are glazing over

Son: " mom what were we talking about again?"

Me: "manicures."

Son: "well all I wanted to know was if managers have bosses?"

At this point I see my error ...and I start laughing so hard I can't stop. I'm sweating and laughing and crying and our whole table is staring at me like I've lost it. Which in turn makes me laugh harder. My mascara is running down my face and I'm sure everyone near us thought I was crying. The more my husband was looking at me the more I laughed and I was afraid it wasn't going to stop.
This seems to happen when I get pregnant....laugh and can't's annoying really, but ohh so good for the soul!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It was better in my mind

Today was our day trip. I have had this planned in my mind for the past month. Why don't I learn? I mean am I a first time mom? Do I look like a mom who doesn't plan for all aspects of things to happen?

Last night I wrote my list of everything we would need. From kids play things to entertain themselves in the paper towels...wet wipes...extra roll of TP (you know in case you stop and there isn't any) ...extra grocery bags for trash...cooler of ice and bottle then proceeded to put all of those bags into a laundry basket for easier travel!

Hubby decided...YES IT WAS HIS take the dog. I mean after all he is family right? And we wouldn't want to crate him for a full day or let him run loose? So earlier this week I went and bought a new leash w/built in poo bags (I'd been dying for one anyways) and new harness for walking. I packed his bones...water bowl...extra food you name it! I then laid a towel in his seat for comfort!

We are ready to go...hubby sleeps in and then makes the 'all American breakfast' ...then showers...we leave 1 hour later. OK I can roll with that...

It's 2 hours to our first stop. DINOSAUR WORLD IN GLEN ROSE. I've printed out directions to there....Halfway into the trip....blah blah...the dog pukes on the only towel I packed (see I knew when I told myself to pack a few I should have listened)....We pull over at the gas station and clean things up....take a pit stop for candy and let the dog 'walk it off'. Start to drive again down road and realize dog isn't going to do well....we need an adult to wipe his mouth. Well I can't because I have horrible motion we pull over and all switch...hubby sits in middle row with dog...small kids in back....oldest child and mom up front ....All is well now right?

We get to DINOSAUR WORLD and I'm expecting it to be like the Fort Worth Zoo ...all nature like....ummm no...

here is a pic of us walking in. (luckily we checked before the trip and dogs are allowed)

Parking lot is void of shade. But surely the door to walk in to buy our tickets is cool and I was right! Thank you! We buy our tickets and head out the back to start our tour! The walking trail has barely any shade and no telling how long it is....the stupid map didn't say!

Halfway through the walk...

Mini Me: "Mommy ...I have to go #2"

So I head back the way we came with Mini Me.....(did I mention I'm 30 weeks preg and waddling???)
We make it and she does 'her thing' and then walk back to meet the gang....but they are coming to meet us b/c the dog is hot and thirsty..... So I cup my hands and pour some water in my hands and he drinks. Now being the smart mom that I am (sarcastic tone)....I only brought 1 bottle of water with me b/c I didn't want to be loaded down by heavy things while carrying my camera .... and being the smart mom that I am did I bring sunscreen? Nope ...DID I MENTION THE TEMPS ARE TRIPLE DIGITS???? Hats???
Nope no hats...nothing...

Here are pics of the life sized dinosaurs

Did I mention I just brought 1 bottle of water? And did I mention the dog is wanting to stop ever so often for more water to drink out of my hands? Did I mention there are 5 of us in our family? I feel like a bad hats...we're burning....and they are we are taking turns just taking sips from this one bottle until the trail ends.

Here is the dog resting...again!

So here I am wondering in my head....AM I REALLY A MOM? I MEAN I SUPPLY EVERYTHING FOR MY FAMILY...THEY DEPEND ON ME. I am a failure! I needed a backpack full of stuff...but I forgot!

We end the trail with the kids sticking their heads in the dino

We took the kids in the gift shop to check out the fossils

I then remember the extra water bottles the car and leave dog inside while I run to the car to grab the dogs water bowl for easier drinking.
I trade bags in the car and use Mini Me's crayon bag.....yipee I'm starting to use my brain.
I head in and we go to the picnic area waiting for 1pm for the kids fossil dig. They have a picnic area for lunches, but they don't serve food bring your own. We thought we would go and buy some from the local food stops, but didn't realize how far down the road they were until we got there. So we sit and drink water. 10 mins till 1 I realize I forgot the tickets for the dig in my other bag and forgot to transfer them to the water bag....out I go again for another trek to the car in the heat. THIS DAY ISN'T TURNING OUT LIKE I PLANNED.
The dog is not liking the weather or the car...we can't leave and go to a restaurant b/c we have him....

Back with the tickets and I leave the dog with hubby and the kids and I
head to the fossil dig

Now by this point we are dying in the heat and starving so we head back to the car. This day isn't going as I had planned b/c I pictured this all .....well better....less stress and heat. Like I I new here?

We head on to Dublin, Texas for our yearly trip to the Dr Pepper Shop for real Dr Pepper...made the way it should be and Frosty Floats. But first we need to find somewhere to eat...outside...ugh
Lo and behold dear hubby spots the perfect place BBQ w/a picnic area in the back with bathrooms and shade...could it get better than that??? Hubby walks to the stand to place the order and I drive to the back to unload the kids to run wild and get the sick dog out. I now notice he has pee'd on himself IN MY SEAT and puked water up! GRRRR this dog didn't belong on the trip!

This stop wasn't all bad though...we actually enjoyed was cool and the food was terrific and the kids could relax too! The dog just ran around!

Lunch over...time to get back in the car and head to Dublin...just a few mins down the road.

Back in the car with our case of Dublin Pepper and make the trek home...tired and sticky and w/a dog that hates the trip. Moses, I have to admit, did great on the way home....needless to say this is not the day I had planned in my head. I was thrown curves and wasn't very prepared. Sniff sniff, but on the bright side...I loved hanging with the family and maybe just maybe we'll do this again...minus the dog!

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