Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Mothers Institute

Yipee! I am so excited that I wanted to share my good news.

I belong to a mom's group...we talk about everything from children/marriage/religion/politics etc...
A group of these mother's got together and created a website that I was interested in learning about, but alas there was a membership to join. I waited and GUESS WHAT?

They had a contest for a free basic year membership and I WON!
Check out the link for more info!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gaggle of Giggling Girls

Mini Me had her 7th birthday yesterday and we had a little party for her. I'm not very good at planning parties, so I planned the party from 11-1 and just did the 1 presents...and eat cake. Of course that was the longest 2 hours of my life....the clock didn't seem to move as fast as it does while they are at school. We invited 11 girls and 9 showed (I guess ppl forget what RSVP means) It was a Hannah Montana party (of course!) and I bought a poster of HM and we played "Pin the Crown" on Hannah! Instead of your typical bandana to cover their eyes, we used a purple satin "The Diva Is Sleeping" mask. While they ate I played the HM soundtrack and giggled as the girls sang along! I think they all had a great time! I'm always wondering about those stupid party favors....why is it we have to give them something other than a thank you card to thank them for coming??? Why can't we do it like the people in Europe and just give them a slice of cake when they leave as the parting gift? Well, I killed 2 birds with 1 stone...I bought Hannah Montana 22oz water bottles as their cups and party favors. I spent less on that then buying the 2 together! "YEAH ME" (for those London Tipton fans)

My point in writing this has more to do with our new town and new neighborhood and new school then anything. Our old town was great but lacked in 'friends'. If I had had this party for her last year I would have had only 1 girl to invite...not much of a party. I was sooo apprehensive about moving. Moving away from the town I knew forwards and backwards...where I felt safe. To somewhere farther away and don't know a soul. Boy did I get proved wrong! The kids love it here and tell me so on a daily basis. I love that feeling of knowing I made the right choice. Their grades have never been better thanks to the schools. They no longer sit indoor after school or on weekends complaining they are bored....NOW I BARELY SEE THEM. They are either playing basketball ...riding at the ponds...or playing at the parks!

I sat back and looked at all the girls yesterday and smiled. I had all those fears for nothing! I'm finally home!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birth is Normal

Again it goes to educating yourself b4 giving into what the Dr's tell you what is right...

From personal experience with my 2nd baby....My Dr told me and I quote...."You are stupid for not taking the drugs. We don't want you women coming in here screaming and moving all over the bed. We want your butts still and you quiet"

Huh...I don't remember being all over the bed and screaming when I gave birth. In fact I was able to tell the nurses exactly what I was feeling and be more aware. My nurse was going off her shift and stayed longer b/c she had never seen natural births! Huh again...odd and you are a Labor and Delivery Nurse! Afterwards when I was changing rooms, I walked out of the room and held the door for the staff as they were moving my things. They acted as if I was invalid and suddenly was able to walk again! Huh again!

I can't wait to head to the birthing center for my 4th delivery and be surrounded by women who do it the way it was intended. More comfort and support...Less sterile and procedure! Birth is natural, not on the time frame of my Dr's vacation schedule!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Interview On Leno

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