Saturday, April 26, 2008

Well I'm just a Big Pregnant Dork

So the other day my neighbor brought the baby doppler over (she has 3 times now) for me to hear the baby's heartbeat ...I ran inside...grabbed the kids and went in search of that precious baby thumping. I got my cell phone and recorded the sound for everyone to hear. I sent out txt message after txt message w/pride. I THOUGHT I WAS HEARING MY BABY'S HEARTBEAT AND I RECORDED IT..

well it wasn't

I was listening to my aortic nerve (sorry don't remember if that is the correct term) the nerve that runs from your heart...down you around ur uterus and down your legs....What is up with that? Well I couldn't find it, but the midwife found it in 2 secs flat...That was the horse hooves sound I was looking for. I'm bummed that all that time I thought that was my I just realized I'm a big fat dork!!!

Oh well sure was nice to hear it that beautiful sound though! My u/s is going to be set for May 12th so stayed tuned and place your bets now! ..I can't wait to see him/her.

Pregnant Chicks

So everywhere I go I see pregnant chicks. Hubby and I will always go "Look over's another one" We always wonder if other couples do that when they see us??!!! ;o)

I think you only notice pregnant chicks when you yourself are pregnant or are trying to conceive. This past weekend we went to Trade days and sawwwww tons of belly bumps. I'm sure they thought we were odd staring at them. A couple of girls I even wanted to flag down and ask where they got their cute maternity dresses, but hubby reminded me most ppl aren't like me...most don't just start conversations w/strangers. I do! I'll even talk to chicks in restrooms...I'll talk to anyone...any place...any time!

But at the grocery store the other day my cashier was preggers...the chick in line in front of me preggers...and the chick in the lane over was preggers. I'm not that big fact some don't notice b/c I guess of the clothes now days....the "is she or isn't she" phase. I wanted to raise my shirt and shout "HEY I'M HAVING A BABY TOO" But I didn't!

But what I wanted to moan about was the fact that all women but me seem to 'fatten' more beautifully than me. They have small boobs...small arms...small butt....small thighs....WELL WHEN I GET PREGNANT THE FIRST FEW WEEKS MY BOOBS DECIDE TO UP A SIZE AND MY ARMS DECIDE TO GROW TO SUPPORT THE FULLNESS OF THEM. Then my butt gets big and my thighs and well next thing you know my face gets puffy! So all n all I'm glad I kept my shirt down....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Vanilla Honey Bee

If you read my journals on my other site...well even if you don't I'm sure you saw one titled 'pregnancy and food cravings' It was all about the Haagen Dazs Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream that they have for a limited time....I searched everywhere this weekend for it and couldn't find it. I never thought that Walmart of all places would have it BUT GUESS WHAT, THEY DID. I bought 2 pints of the stuff...part of the proceeds go to saving the Honey Bees. Check out their website for more info

Save the Honey Bees

I told myself to wait until tonight to sample the stuff....thinking it was probably just vanilla ice cream that they named Honey Bee....anyways I couldn't wait. I mean come on it's ice cream for Pete's sake

From the first tiny spoonful I knew I was in trouble. This stuff was rock-your-pants-off-good. The baby gave me a little flutter and I knew I must go in for another bite ...and then another. Thank goodness my husband wasn't home to see me standing with my head in the freezer moaning. He would have thought I lost it. Well he already does, but he would def know it was true. I now have hidden these little pints to the back of the freezer and moved them to the freezer kept in the utility room! NO ONE WILL GO THERE....

You must seek this flavor out and purchase as many as you can. They are only here until Dec. Yes I know this is April, but wait until you take one little bite! Good luck...don't say I didn't warn you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Boy Talk.....

A few weeks ago the kids had a holiday and so my house had been full of little boys playing games..At that moment there were 5 in the game-room and I was in the kitchen listening to just about every word they are saying...

My oldest (he's 11) is talking to my middle son's friend (he's 9)

son: So how is your mom doing? (Note: friend's mom has been having problems with her 4th pregnancy and all the kids know)

friend : she's doing good

son: how is the baby?

friend: still in there

son: our mom is doing good, but her's is just little inside there..not big like your mom

friend: she can only eat healthy foods b/c she has some kind of diabetes

son: did she have it before?

friend: no answer

other son: our mom craves skittles so I guess she doesn't eat good foods yet.

deep sigh...I had to giggle b/c here are 11 and 9 yr olds talking about babies!!!!

At Walmart today Jake and Kate had a fight about whether the baby is a boy or girl...then we went to the baby section and looked at all the strollers...they were picking out bathtubs....bouncy seats...binky's....blankets....high was sooooo awesome to have them so happy!

Telling the kids...

The kids came home from their Spring Break with their dad! FINALLYYYYYYYYYY. I missed them sooo much!

They were hungry little guys so we fed them lunch and as we were cleaning up we thought that would be the perfect time to spring the news on them!

Conversation as follows:

Us: Guys we've got something we have been dying to share with you...Kate what have you been talking about lately that you have been dying to be?

Kate: A princess????!!!

Us: Ok no, but that was a good answer....No, what Branden and I wanted to let y'all know is that in Oct you are going to be big brothers again and Kate you will finally be a big sister!!!!!

Grayson: Blank stare--------crickets chirping--------"ok"

Jake: rushes and hugs me and then lifts up my shirt and asks if its a boy!?

Us: Well we don't know yet what it is....

Kate: starts crying and says "ohhh mommy....I am sooo excited..I hope it's a girl ..Can it sleep with me?"

We went through all the questions of ...How long till the baby comes....What does she look like...Can she hear us....

We explained that the baby has been in my tummy for 12 weeks and it will typically be in there for a total of 40 we have a way to go...

Grayson wanted to know how I didn't know it was in there for 12 weeks. LOL We explained that we did know, but wanted to wait until the baby got a bit bigger b4 we told them! :o)

I think things went pretty well...we showed them images of what a 12 week fetus looks like...then had to explain that NOOOO THAT WASN'T OUR BABY but this is probably what ours looks like too.

I told Kate that at my next appt (my bday) she was going to get out of school early and go with me to my appt to hear the baby's heartbeat! She got really excited!!!!

Praise God today and our blessed news!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

How to Use the Government Rebate

As you may have heard, the Bush Administration announced recently that almost every one of us taxpayers will get a nice rebate check soon from the U.S. Government: $300 to $600 for individuals, and another $200 for each dependent child. The declared purpose of this rebate is to stimulate the American economy when we all go out and spend it.

However, if we spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will go to China .

If we spend it on gasoline, it will all go to the Arabs.

If we purchase a computer it will all go to India, and if we purchase HD TV's, stereos, or other electronic crap, the money will all go to Taiwan.

If we purchase a good car, it will all go to Japan or Korea or Germany.

Shoe and clothing purchases will go to China, Indonesia, or Vietnam.

Even if we buy food, the fruit and vegetables proceeds will all go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala, and beef proceeds will go to Argentina -- and of course, none of it will help the American economy!

We need to keep that money here in America! So the only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it on prostitutes and liquor, since these are, apparently, the only businesses still left in the US.


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