Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Boy Talk.....

A few weeks ago the kids had a holiday and so my house had been full of little boys playing games..At that moment there were 5 in the game-room and I was in the kitchen listening to just about every word they are saying...

My oldest (he's 11) is talking to my middle son's friend (he's 9)

son: So how is your mom doing? (Note: friend's mom has been having problems with her 4th pregnancy and all the kids know)

friend : she's doing good

son: how is the baby?

friend: still in there

son: our mom is doing good, but her's is just little inside there..not big like your mom

friend: she can only eat healthy foods b/c she has some kind of diabetes

son: did she have it before?

friend: no answer

other son: our mom craves skittles so I guess she doesn't eat good foods yet.

deep sigh...I had to giggle b/c here are 11 and 9 yr olds talking about babies!!!!

At Walmart today Jake and Kate had a fight about whether the baby is a boy or girl...then we went to the baby section and looked at all the strollers...they were picking out bathtubs....bouncy seats...binky's....blankets....high chairs....it was sooooo awesome to have them so happy!

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