Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pregnant Chicks

So everywhere I go I see pregnant chicks. Hubby and I will always go "Look over's another one" We always wonder if other couples do that when they see us??!!! ;o)

I think you only notice pregnant chicks when you yourself are pregnant or are trying to conceive. This past weekend we went to Trade days and sawwwww tons of belly bumps. I'm sure they thought we were odd staring at them. A couple of girls I even wanted to flag down and ask where they got their cute maternity dresses, but hubby reminded me most ppl aren't like me...most don't just start conversations w/strangers. I do! I'll even talk to chicks in restrooms...I'll talk to anyone...any place...any time!

But at the grocery store the other day my cashier was preggers...the chick in line in front of me preggers...and the chick in the lane over was preggers. I'm not that big fact some don't notice b/c I guess of the clothes now days....the "is she or isn't she" phase. I wanted to raise my shirt and shout "HEY I'M HAVING A BABY TOO" But I didn't!

But what I wanted to moan about was the fact that all women but me seem to 'fatten' more beautifully than me. They have small boobs...small arms...small butt....small thighs....WELL WHEN I GET PREGNANT THE FIRST FEW WEEKS MY BOOBS DECIDE TO UP A SIZE AND MY ARMS DECIDE TO GROW TO SUPPORT THE FULLNESS OF THEM. Then my butt gets big and my thighs and well next thing you know my face gets puffy! So all n all I'm glad I kept my shirt down....

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Becky said...

I just talked with one of my best friends last night, who just got pregnant with their first child. She's only about 2 months pregnant. Her husband wants to buy her maternity clothes, but she's in denial and refuses to. "I'm not THAT big yet!" she says. I told her the baby wasn't going to get any SMALLER! She told me how inconvenient it was, that she can't really tie her shoe laces as easily anymore. She is dreading the "really uncomfortable" stage!

She's one of those petite women, and she's really enjoying going up in bra size, although she was disappointed to hear her breast size might even get smaller than her original size, post baby. I told her she just needs to stay pregnant then, and keep popping out those babies, to keep her hubby happy. :)

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