Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Telling the kids...

The kids came home from their Spring Break with their dad! FINALLYYYYYYYYYY. I missed them sooo much!

They were hungry little guys so we fed them lunch and as we were cleaning up we thought that would be the perfect time to spring the news on them!

Conversation as follows:

Us: Guys we've got something we have been dying to share with you...Kate what have you been talking about lately that you have been dying to be?

Kate: A princess????!!!

Us: Ok no, but that was a good answer....No, what Branden and I wanted to let y'all know is that in Oct you are going to be big brothers again and Kate you will finally be a big sister!!!!!

Grayson: Blank stare--------crickets chirping--------"ok"

Jake: rushes and hugs me and then lifts up my shirt and asks if its a boy!?

Us: Well we don't know yet what it is....

Kate: starts crying and says "ohhh mommy....I am sooo excited..I hope it's a girl ..Can it sleep with me?"

We went through all the questions of ...How long till the baby comes....What does she look like...Can she hear us....

We explained that the baby has been in my tummy for 12 weeks and it will typically be in there for a total of 40 weeks...so we have a way to go...

Grayson wanted to know how I didn't know it was in there for 12 weeks. LOL We explained that we did know, but wanted to wait until the baby got a bit bigger b4 we told them! :o)

I think things went pretty well...we showed them images of what a 12 week fetus looks like...then had to explain that NOOOO THAT WASN'T OUR BABY but this is probably what ours looks like too.

I told Kate that at my next appt (my bday) she was going to get out of school early and go with me to my appt to hear the baby's heartbeat! She got really excited!!!!

Praise God today and our blessed news!

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