Monday, April 21, 2008

Vanilla Honey Bee

If you read my journals on my other site...well even if you don't I'm sure you saw one titled 'pregnancy and food cravings' It was all about the Haagen Dazs Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream that they have for a limited time....I searched everywhere this weekend for it and couldn't find it. I never thought that Walmart of all places would have it BUT GUESS WHAT, THEY DID. I bought 2 pints of the stuff...part of the proceeds go to saving the Honey Bees. Check out their website for more info

Save the Honey Bees

I told myself to wait until tonight to sample the stuff....thinking it was probably just vanilla ice cream that they named Honey Bee....anyways I couldn't wait. I mean come on it's ice cream for Pete's sake

From the first tiny spoonful I knew I was in trouble. This stuff was rock-your-pants-off-good. The baby gave me a little flutter and I knew I must go in for another bite ...and then another. Thank goodness my husband wasn't home to see me standing with my head in the freezer moaning. He would have thought I lost it. Well he already does, but he would def know it was true. I now have hidden these little pints to the back of the freezer and moved them to the freezer kept in the utility room! NO ONE WILL GO THERE....

You must seek this flavor out and purchase as many as you can. They are only here until Dec. Yes I know this is April, but wait until you take one little bite! Good luck...don't say I didn't warn you!

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