Saturday, April 26, 2008

Well I'm just a Big Pregnant Dork

So the other day my neighbor brought the baby doppler over (she has 3 times now) for me to hear the baby's heartbeat ...I ran inside...grabbed the kids and went in search of that precious baby thumping. I got my cell phone and recorded the sound for everyone to hear. I sent out txt message after txt message w/pride. I THOUGHT I WAS HEARING MY BABY'S HEARTBEAT AND I RECORDED IT..

well it wasn't

I was listening to my aortic nerve (sorry don't remember if that is the correct term) the nerve that runs from your heart...down you around ur uterus and down your legs....What is up with that? Well I couldn't find it, but the midwife found it in 2 secs flat...That was the horse hooves sound I was looking for. I'm bummed that all that time I thought that was my I just realized I'm a big fat dork!!!

Oh well sure was nice to hear it that beautiful sound though! My u/s is going to be set for May 12th so stayed tuned and place your bets now! ..I can't wait to see him/her.

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Morningtower said...

You are NOT a "dork" at all! An obscene amount of Ob/Gyns use that same sound (which can be your own heart beat, or the sound of the placenta itself) to tell the mom's they are hearing the heartbeat. I'm glad your midwife got it for you. . . isn't it wonderful??? :)

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