Friday, June 27, 2008

Little MoMo

It was 1 year ago next week that we brought little Moses into our home. We went to Canton for First Monday Trade days with the idea of shopping for house things...Little did we know (or my poor hubby) that we would rush back that next day and purchase Moses! We showed up on Saturday a bit late and wandered down where we saw ppl. It was the pet section...not knowing there was MORE of the trade days. We saw all the puppies and I was in awe. We must have spent close to 3 hours looking at everyone. Finally we spotted Moses. He was the last of the sheltie's this lady was selling. She said he was the runt of the litter...and he was 10 weeks old. AWWWW. We held him and walked past a couple of times ...but didn't have any money on us for a puppy.
We then realized that there was more to trade days further down the street, but by the time we walked there it was closing...ugh. Hubby promised we could come back tomorrow and shop on that side.

On the drive home I knew I wanted that little guy! No name yet...still had to beg hubby. He agreed that night and I made a list of what we needed to water bowl ..bottled water...towel...stroller to push him in etc...
That morning we got up early and I made him speed to Canton. There was only 1 puppy left she had for sale and I didn't get her # to tell her we were coming! We needed gas, but I wouldn't let him stop. I literally wanted to jump from the car when we saw Canton. I made him dump me off and then it started to rain. He ran with me all the way to the lady's booth. Sure enough there was little Moses sitting there. I shouted...WE'LL TAKE HIM. We named him Moses after my hubby's first dorm room at college at TEXAS A&M. I don't think we could have picked a better name for our MoMo.

We then walked down to the vendor next to the puppies to buy him a collar and little leash. We had just left from buying him 5 mins ago...and this couple walked up to us asking if they could pet him. They informed us that they too had come to purchase him and came today to buy him. CAN YOU BELIEVE WE GOT HIM BY 5 MINS? If hubby had slowed down...or stopped for gas...or I hadn't run to the booth...little Moses wouldn't be ours!

It's been a great first year. He is the prettiest sheltie on the block (there are 4 total shelties)and we love having him in our family. (although I could do w/o all the shedding)
He gets pampered at the groomers by some 'hot chicks', as my boys tell me. All the girls there love him! Neighbors even stop and talk to Mo where ever we go. He is pretty fancy looking. He's the best dude around! No shredding ( I said SHREDDING NOT SHEDDING) digging....just a big ball of loving. Hubby has nicknamed him HUGGY BEAR b/c all he wants to do is cuddle!
So Moses this post is for you! Welcome to ur first year to our family!

(Moses first day home 10 weeks) (Moses today 1 year later)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well I have changed my blog name...out w/the perverts and in with the new...or something like that.

You see back when I started this blog I sat in front of the computer trying to come up with a title that would mean something. Something that had to do w/me being a mommy. Something that had to do with what goes on around here in the house. So I started of thinking of my kids and being their mom and all the funny things they did or said. And there it came to me.
When Mini Me was little she had a speech problem and would say the word MILT for MILK. To this day we still pretend that's the name and smile. It seemed only fitting that I therefore name my blog miltnotmilk

My dear husband didn't say a word....he in fact at first thought it was cute.
A few weeks after emailing family and friends with the blog site I got a few emails back asking what Milt was...some thought it was something kinky. NAH....
So I would explain the story etc....
As time has gone on I have since realized ....Hmmm something isn't right. I was becoming embarrassed to share my site with others and had no idea why. I was sick of getting the 'gosh we thought you meant something else' Well my hubby decided to find out what the something else was.

One day I get an email from dear hubby to google on wiki the word Milt. I said ok....
Ohhh dear bessie shield your eyes! NOOOOOOOOOO NOOOO NOOOOO HOW HORRIBLE.
Needless to say I promptly have changed the name of the blog! It might take years to get the image of the definition out of my head. For those with a sense of humor click the link and you will see the definition....DON'T BLAME ME...


It took forever to come up with something and after I did I had to smack myself.....this would have been perfect before...why didn't I think of it? OH and thanks honey....(he thought of it)
We call the kids Little Lovey's ...(more Mimi Me now than the boys) But they are all our Little Lovey's!

Just to warn those coming up with blog names who want to be creative...research will save you loads of trouble!

All is well...Hit the 26 week marker

Well we have hit 26 weeks and so far so good! As of today I haven't gotten any OMG YOU ARE HUGE comments! Thankfully!

We are heading to the baby store to pick out the furniture and my mother ordered the baby stroller/infant seat and that should be here in a few days! WOOHOO

The house is pretty lonely...the kids are gone visiting Grandparents and you think I would be sleeping in, but alas I'm not! I'm baking millions of loaves of Banana Bread. I can't get enough of the stuff! Each baby has had a different craving...1st was tortilla soup, 2nd steak, 3rd french onion soup, 4th banana bread....gotta love being pregnant!

My MIL went crazy the other weekend....I'll post a few of the baby's new outfits/accessories adding to her collection!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Hey, mind your manners!"

People should really be more considerate when talking to a pregnant mother. When we were at Target today w/the kids the check out old bitty asked when I was due. Ok that's a fair question ....I mean my stomach is pregnant and I look pregnant and you're making small talk while checking me out. So I smile and say "Sometime end of Sept or early Oct...not really sure"
It's the response I could have done without!


What does one say to that? I mean you just hurt my feelings by implying that I'm huge. And then you made me feel even worse b/c I know I have a handful of months to go and I'm only going to get bigger.

So I just mumbled, "well this is my maybe you show bigger w/each one"

What I wanted to say was, "wow how rude was that...are you implying I'm fat? Why would you say that to anyone..."

Sniff sniff

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pregnant belly and the joys of Photoshop!

Ok I was 22 weeks in this pic .....and look so much better in photo. I think this is deceiving really because this doesn't look anything like me! Ok Ok I know I know the stretch marks have disappeared, but like I was gonna show off those in all their glory. But seriously......this picture makes me look little. My mom thought wow you look so tiny. Really then why can't I breathe? Why can't I see my feet? Why can't I cross my legs anymore? Why do I waddle? Why do I love to sit Indian style and think "ahhhhhhhhh"? Why does it feel like my organs are shoved into my throat?
Then why did the chick at the grocery store say to me and I quote, "wow suuuugar you must be really tired."

Why? Why do I look tired? I'm wearing makeup. I feel great. I'm up and out getting my groceries done early. My hair is washed? What up?! I was actually doing great. Do I look big or huge? I mean come on! Share. So she says, "this your first honey?" (she's got me craving sweets now) "Nope, this is my 4th...I'm used to this" (whatever..I'm feeling great chick) Again the, "OMG I STOPPED AT 1" speech! Well I guess she can only assume that I didn't stop at 1!

I seem to be carrying this baby more like a beach ball then a watermelon like the other 3! Maybe that means my baby weight will drop off faster and I won't gain as much. Hee hee Fat chance huh?

I'm hitting 24 weeks in a few days....I'll post more pictures then!

Friday, June 6, 2008


I tell ya...times have changed since I had my last 3 babies! Have you seen all the adorable baby gear and gadgets?

It starts w/a google and then your bank account goes from fat to skinny!

Here are some of the latest and greatest we purchased for Baby Lily....

I'm a baby wearer. Would you want to spend countless hours on your back sitting there staring at the ceiling or hanging out w/mom and dad? The choice of carriers was enough to make my head spin! But I have finally decided on the Mei Tai style version (Asian style) and got the
Baby Hawk.

You can do custom colors and material and I did the solid black on 1 side for daddy and the reverse is called Sophia black on tea (page 3 of the floral prints) It finally came in the mail and I put a fake baby in to see how it works! I loved it! I can't wait for the real thing!

Next are these things called
Baby Legs

First place I saw them was on cloth covered bums in my cloth parenting groups. I'm thinking...hey those are spiffy...what are those.... Think of leg warmers...or knee guards....but that's not all....they come in all diff sizes and colors and kids wear them as leg warmers/tall socks/and arm warmers for the older girls! I have only 1 pair so far, but I can see a problem starting to form! I'll be like the other mother's having them made by WAHM to match outfits or cloth bums!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fluff Stuff

We have decided to go the cloth diaper route. Am I going green? I will probably piss a lot of "earth friendly" people off, but sorry not the reason I'm going cloth.

My reasons are more selfish! ;o)

1. Have you seen some of those
stinking (pun intended) cute prints these things come in?

2. I'm already doing laundry ...why not do another load

3. Times are
changing and so are cloth dipes!

4. Save $

5. Why not let her run around in a cute cloth printed dipe and shirt...cuts down on messy clothes

6. I want to buy those Baby Legs like all the other cloth mom's!

Now I have to duck and
cover on this one because the idea here was to save considerable amounts of cash vs disposables. So far so good, but yikes I can see the problem that other mother's have. There are so many cute choices it's hard to stick to just one and next thing they know their 'fluff stash' has far exceeded what they were intending!

So let's begin....
Did you know there are probably over 45+ diff styles of cloth diapers.
*You have your
prefolds 'like in the olden days
* fitted
dipes (space for stuffing extra padding for night or heavy wetters)
*pockets that do need covers
*1 size
AIO or pockets
Now these are quite neat since they can grow w/
ur infant through toddler. I have yet to understand how this actually works so I'm saving my $
The list could go on...

Then there are the
WAHM's making all these cute dipes at cheaper prices....

Or you can head to Diaperswappers
This site lets you buy new, used, or trade w/o the listing fees like on
Ebay. I have purchased some 2nd's nb covers and fitted. I have no problem since my little girl won't be in nb for long...why spend full price for something! I did hit the other sites and purchased some size small adorable covers and pockets for when she outgrows her nb stage.

Want to talk $
Ok how much to you spend those yucky disposables? I have purchased enough cloth to last me until month 5 or later and have spent a total of $200. Can you say that about disposables?
Also, I can sell these back on
diaperswappers or trade for a bigger size. Can you say that about disposables? Didn't think so!

I also didn't realize that you can't wash cloth like ur regular clothes. I did a bit of research on detergents too! I've decided to use Charlie's Soap! I ordered my bags already...they were offering free shipping! Can't get better than that!

Point here? I'm excited about using cloth! I have researched many types and brands and can't wait to show off my daughter's cloth covered bum in the near future!

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