Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All is well...Hit the 26 week marker

Well we have hit 26 weeks and so far so good! As of today I haven't gotten any OMG YOU ARE HUGE comments! Thankfully!

We are heading to the baby store to pick out the furniture and my mother ordered the baby stroller/infant seat and that should be here in a few days! WOOHOO

The house is pretty lonely...the kids are gone visiting Grandparents and you think I would be sleeping in, but alas I'm not! I'm baking millions of loaves of Banana Bread. I can't get enough of the stuff! Each baby has had a different craving...1st was tortilla soup, 2nd steak, 3rd french onion soup, 4th banana bread....gotta love being pregnant!

My MIL went crazy the other weekend....I'll post a few of the baby's new outfits/accessories adding to her collection!

1 comment:

The Kings said...

The trumpet socks are awesome. They make any outfit absolutely adorable! We loved ours.

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