Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fluff Stuff

We have decided to go the cloth diaper route. Am I going green? I will probably piss a lot of "earth friendly" people off, but sorry not the reason I'm going cloth.

My reasons are more selfish! ;o)

1. Have you seen some of those
stinking (pun intended) cute prints these things come in?

2. I'm already doing laundry ...why not do another load

3. Times are
changing and so are cloth dipes!

4. Save $

5. Why not let her run around in a cute cloth printed dipe and shirt...cuts down on messy clothes

6. I want to buy those Baby Legs like all the other cloth mom's!

Now I have to duck and
cover on this one because the idea here was to save considerable amounts of cash vs disposables. So far so good, but yikes I can see the problem that other mother's have. There are so many cute choices it's hard to stick to just one and next thing they know their 'fluff stash' has far exceeded what they were intending!

So let's begin....
Did you know there are probably over 45+ diff styles of cloth diapers.
*You have your
prefolds 'like in the olden days
* fitted
dipes (space for stuffing extra padding for night or heavy wetters)
*pockets that do need covers
*1 size
AIO or pockets
Now these are quite neat since they can grow w/
ur infant through toddler. I have yet to understand how this actually works so I'm saving my $
The list could go on...

Then there are the
WAHM's making all these cute dipes at cheaper prices....

Or you can head to Diaperswappers
This site lets you buy new, used, or trade w/o the listing fees like on
Ebay. I have purchased some 2nd's nb covers and fitted. I have no problem since my little girl won't be in nb for long...why spend full price for something! I did hit the other sites and purchased some size small adorable covers and pockets for when she outgrows her nb stage.

Want to talk $
Ok how much to you spend those yucky disposables? I have purchased enough cloth to last me until month 5 or later and have spent a total of $200. Can you say that about disposables?
Also, I can sell these back on
diaperswappers or trade for a bigger size. Can you say that about disposables? Didn't think so!

I also didn't realize that you can't wash cloth like ur regular clothes. I did a bit of research on detergents too! I've decided to use Charlie's Soap! I ordered my bags already...they were offering free shipping! Can't get better than that!

Point here? I'm excited about using cloth! I have researched many types and brands and can't wait to show off my daughter's cloth covered bum in the near future!

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The Farm-Marm said...

Do you still do cloth at all? I go back and forth with it. I love my cloth diapers! I have one that has flames and motorcycles on it, too cool! I have one from a wahm that has sculls and purple designs all over it. I had at one point LOVED my kushies, but now I don't like them so much. Check out my diaper post on my blog. I made a new flat diaper that I am totally DYING to try out! I'm going to make one in a larger size for Y-man and see how I like it. I have some thirsties covers that I am now in LURVE with! super cool! They are the one size kind that you just adjust the snaps to make smaller/bigger. Of course mine are in boyish prints. As far as the baby legs, I made some of those too! I blogged about it. I only had one pair of boyish ones, but they did fit my 2yo just fine. I even found some socks at Joann for 4th of July that I was gonna make into leggies. Easy-peasy!

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