Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Hey, mind your manners!"

People should really be more considerate when talking to a pregnant mother. When we were at Target today w/the kids the check out old bitty asked when I was due. Ok that's a fair question ....I mean my stomach is pregnant and I look pregnant and you're making small talk while checking me out. So I smile and say "Sometime end of Sept or early Oct...not really sure"
It's the response I could have done without!


What does one say to that? I mean you just hurt my feelings by implying that I'm huge. And then you made me feel even worse b/c I know I have a handful of months to go and I'm only going to get bigger.

So I just mumbled, "well this is my 4th...so maybe you show bigger w/each one"

What I wanted to say was, "wow how rude was that...are you implying I'm fat? Why would you say that to anyone..."

Sniff sniff


The Kings said...

OK that lady was just rude. Looking at your pics posted the 7th you are not big. Especially for the 4th pregnancy.

Morningtower said...

okay. . . YOU are NOT BIG. I know. I'm a midwife, and I have seen a LOT of pregnant bellies. You look lovely, NOT HUGE. Now. . .when I was pregnant (seems like a million years ago now. . .) I looked like the girl in Willie Wonka that swallowed the blueberry gum!!! So next time someone says you are big, just tell them "Oh, you should've seen my my cousin! SHE was monstrous!!!" (They don't have to know you never saw me!)

Rock on, Girl! Pregnant bellies are beautiful!!!

Becky said...

I don't think you're alone in your sentiments. This is what another pregnant friend of mine wrote on her blog...

And about the blog name... really, I didn't know MILT was a bad word, so for those of us naive people out there, your reputation is intact. :)

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