Friday, June 27, 2008

Little MoMo

It was 1 year ago next week that we brought little Moses into our home. We went to Canton for First Monday Trade days with the idea of shopping for house things...Little did we know (or my poor hubby) that we would rush back that next day and purchase Moses! We showed up on Saturday a bit late and wandered down where we saw ppl. It was the pet section...not knowing there was MORE of the trade days. We saw all the puppies and I was in awe. We must have spent close to 3 hours looking at everyone. Finally we spotted Moses. He was the last of the sheltie's this lady was selling. She said he was the runt of the litter...and he was 10 weeks old. AWWWW. We held him and walked past a couple of times ...but didn't have any money on us for a puppy.
We then realized that there was more to trade days further down the street, but by the time we walked there it was closing...ugh. Hubby promised we could come back tomorrow and shop on that side.

On the drive home I knew I wanted that little guy! No name yet...still had to beg hubby. He agreed that night and I made a list of what we needed to water bowl ..bottled water...towel...stroller to push him in etc...
That morning we got up early and I made him speed to Canton. There was only 1 puppy left she had for sale and I didn't get her # to tell her we were coming! We needed gas, but I wouldn't let him stop. I literally wanted to jump from the car when we saw Canton. I made him dump me off and then it started to rain. He ran with me all the way to the lady's booth. Sure enough there was little Moses sitting there. I shouted...WE'LL TAKE HIM. We named him Moses after my hubby's first dorm room at college at TEXAS A&M. I don't think we could have picked a better name for our MoMo.

We then walked down to the vendor next to the puppies to buy him a collar and little leash. We had just left from buying him 5 mins ago...and this couple walked up to us asking if they could pet him. They informed us that they too had come to purchase him and came today to buy him. CAN YOU BELIEVE WE GOT HIM BY 5 MINS? If hubby had slowed down...or stopped for gas...or I hadn't run to the booth...little Moses wouldn't be ours!

It's been a great first year. He is the prettiest sheltie on the block (there are 4 total shelties)and we love having him in our family. (although I could do w/o all the shedding)
He gets pampered at the groomers by some 'hot chicks', as my boys tell me. All the girls there love him! Neighbors even stop and talk to Mo where ever we go. He is pretty fancy looking. He's the best dude around! No shredding ( I said SHREDDING NOT SHEDDING) digging....just a big ball of loving. Hubby has nicknamed him HUGGY BEAR b/c all he wants to do is cuddle!
So Moses this post is for you! Welcome to ur first year to our family!

(Moses first day home 10 weeks) (Moses today 1 year later)


Rhonda said...

That was a great post! Moses is truly beautiful and I'm not surprised to hear that he is well-behaved. He looks intelligent. He was meant for your house and family. I feel sorry for the other couple, but they will find another amazing dog.

Mr Spenser said...

Time for a blast from the past: Chris L. here... what a gorgeous dog. And it sounds like you have a fantastic family, congratulations! I'd love to chat with you and catch up if you're interested. (It started with a real hunger for that Mexican restaurant your family went to years ago, so if you would rather not chat, could you send me the name of the restaurant?) I know, I'm a doofus. Regardless, best wishes with everything, especially you're newest addition.

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