Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well I have changed my blog name...out w/the perverts and in with the new...or something like that.

You see back when I started this blog I sat in front of the computer trying to come up with a title that would mean something. Something that had to do w/me being a mommy. Something that had to do with what goes on around here in the house. So I started of thinking of my kids and being their mom and all the funny things they did or said. And there it came to me.
When Mini Me was little she had a speech problem and would say the word MILT for MILK. To this day we still pretend that's the name and smile. It seemed only fitting that I therefore name my blog miltnotmilk

My dear husband didn't say a word....he in fact at first thought it was cute.
A few weeks after emailing family and friends with the blog site I got a few emails back asking what Milt was...some thought it was something kinky. NAH....
So I would explain the story etc....
As time has gone on I have since realized ....Hmmm something isn't right. I was becoming embarrassed to share my site with others and had no idea why. I was sick of getting the 'gosh we thought you meant something else' Well my hubby decided to find out what the something else was.

One day I get an email from dear hubby to google on wiki the word Milt. I said ok....
Ohhh dear bessie shield your eyes! NOOOOOOOOOO NOOOO NOOOOO HOW HORRIBLE.
Needless to say I promptly have changed the name of the blog! It might take years to get the image of the definition out of my head. For those with a sense of humor click the link and you will see the definition....DON'T BLAME ME...


It took forever to come up with something and after I did I had to smack myself.....this would have been perfect before...why didn't I think of it? OH and thanks honey....(he thought of it)
We call the kids Little Lovey's ...(more Mimi Me now than the boys) But they are all our Little Lovey's!

Just to warn those coming up with blog names who want to be creative...research first...it will save you loads of trouble!

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