Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pregnant belly and the joys of Photoshop!

Ok I was 22 weeks in this pic .....and look so much better in photo. I think this is deceiving really because this doesn't look anything like me! Ok Ok I know I know the stretch marks have disappeared, but like I was gonna show off those in all their glory. But seriously......this picture makes me look little. My mom thought wow you look so tiny. Really then why can't I breathe? Why can't I see my feet? Why can't I cross my legs anymore? Why do I waddle? Why do I love to sit Indian style and think "ahhhhhhhhh"? Why does it feel like my organs are shoved into my throat?
Then why did the chick at the grocery store say to me and I quote, "wow suuuugar you must be really tired."

Why? Why do I look tired? I'm wearing makeup. I feel great. I'm up and out getting my groceries done early. My hair is washed? What up?! I was actually doing great. Do I look big or huge? I mean come on! Share. So she says, "this your first honey?" (she's got me craving sweets now) "Nope, this is my 4th...I'm used to this" (whatever..I'm feeling great chick) Again the, "OMG I STOPPED AT 1" speech! Well I guess she can only assume that I didn't stop at 1!

I seem to be carrying this baby more like a beach ball then a watermelon like the other 3! Maybe that means my baby weight will drop off faster and I won't gain as much. Hee hee Fat chance huh?

I'm hitting 24 weeks in a few days....I'll post more pictures then!

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