Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Official

Yep....It's official...I am pregnant. I mean what's a pregnancy without the wonderful leg cramps called "Charley Horse". I mean why a horse? That cramp that makes you spring from the bed and hop around like a monkey feels nothing like a horse.
I thought I would have escaped those things....but nope...this morning as I rolled over to upright my huge self left leg cramped! I'm hopping around my room trying hard not to scream out b/c the kids were still asleep. (any bit of quiet/alone time I can have in the morning is best) So here I am 31 weeks pregnant.....21 lbs heavier......Dolly Parton sized milkers....heartburn and reflux....that numbness above my ribcage b/c of the baby pressing on nerves that drives me crazy b/c it is annoying and hurts....water retention....shortness of breath....nose bleeds....waddles....back aches....having to pee every few minutes...lack of sleep...freaky dreams...ok I could go on....but it's official I'm pregnant!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Man I crack myself up!

After church today we head to Black Eyed Pea....I was craving pot roast (again) and even though we went there last Sunday after church....Daddy BB said we could go again! Thanks hun. So we get our same table with our same waiter and I'm happy as a clam. I like the waiter...he is 1 of 8 kids and knows about having more than 1 kid at a table....(running for refills etc) While waiting for our food my middle child says...

" manicures have gloss?"

Me: (thinks odd question, but sure I'll answer him)
"Yes, you can get a clear gloss or colored gloss.....and with pedicures, which are mom's favorite, come with a foot rub and scrub etc."

At this point I'm just going off on pedi's and mani's....his eyes are glazing over

Son: " mom what were we talking about again?"

Me: "manicures."

Son: "well all I wanted to know was if managers have bosses?"

At this point I see my error ...and I start laughing so hard I can't stop. I'm sweating and laughing and crying and our whole table is staring at me like I've lost it. Which in turn makes me laugh harder. My mascara is running down my face and I'm sure everyone near us thought I was crying. The more my husband was looking at me the more I laughed and I was afraid it wasn't going to stop.
This seems to happen when I get pregnant....laugh and can't's annoying really, but ohh so good for the soul!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It was better in my mind

Today was our day trip. I have had this planned in my mind for the past month. Why don't I learn? I mean am I a first time mom? Do I look like a mom who doesn't plan for all aspects of things to happen?

Last night I wrote my list of everything we would need. From kids play things to entertain themselves in the paper towels...wet wipes...extra roll of TP (you know in case you stop and there isn't any) ...extra grocery bags for trash...cooler of ice and bottle then proceeded to put all of those bags into a laundry basket for easier travel!

Hubby decided...YES IT WAS HIS take the dog. I mean after all he is family right? And we wouldn't want to crate him for a full day or let him run loose? So earlier this week I went and bought a new leash w/built in poo bags (I'd been dying for one anyways) and new harness for walking. I packed his bones...water bowl...extra food you name it! I then laid a towel in his seat for comfort!

We are ready to go...hubby sleeps in and then makes the 'all American breakfast' ...then showers...we leave 1 hour later. OK I can roll with that...

It's 2 hours to our first stop. DINOSAUR WORLD IN GLEN ROSE. I've printed out directions to there....Halfway into the trip....blah blah...the dog pukes on the only towel I packed (see I knew when I told myself to pack a few I should have listened)....We pull over at the gas station and clean things up....take a pit stop for candy and let the dog 'walk it off'. Start to drive again down road and realize dog isn't going to do well....we need an adult to wipe his mouth. Well I can't because I have horrible motion we pull over and all switch...hubby sits in middle row with dog...small kids in back....oldest child and mom up front ....All is well now right?

We get to DINOSAUR WORLD and I'm expecting it to be like the Fort Worth Zoo ...all nature like....ummm no...

here is a pic of us walking in. (luckily we checked before the trip and dogs are allowed)

Parking lot is void of shade. But surely the door to walk in to buy our tickets is cool and I was right! Thank you! We buy our tickets and head out the back to start our tour! The walking trail has barely any shade and no telling how long it is....the stupid map didn't say!

Halfway through the walk...

Mini Me: "Mommy ...I have to go #2"

So I head back the way we came with Mini Me.....(did I mention I'm 30 weeks preg and waddling???)
We make it and she does 'her thing' and then walk back to meet the gang....but they are coming to meet us b/c the dog is hot and thirsty..... So I cup my hands and pour some water in my hands and he drinks. Now being the smart mom that I am (sarcastic tone)....I only brought 1 bottle of water with me b/c I didn't want to be loaded down by heavy things while carrying my camera .... and being the smart mom that I am did I bring sunscreen? Nope ...DID I MENTION THE TEMPS ARE TRIPLE DIGITS???? Hats???
Nope no hats...nothing...

Here are pics of the life sized dinosaurs

Did I mention I just brought 1 bottle of water? And did I mention the dog is wanting to stop ever so often for more water to drink out of my hands? Did I mention there are 5 of us in our family? I feel like a bad hats...we're burning....and they are we are taking turns just taking sips from this one bottle until the trail ends.

Here is the dog resting...again!

So here I am wondering in my head....AM I REALLY A MOM? I MEAN I SUPPLY EVERYTHING FOR MY FAMILY...THEY DEPEND ON ME. I am a failure! I needed a backpack full of stuff...but I forgot!

We end the trail with the kids sticking their heads in the dino

We took the kids in the gift shop to check out the fossils

I then remember the extra water bottles the car and leave dog inside while I run to the car to grab the dogs water bowl for easier drinking.
I trade bags in the car and use Mini Me's crayon bag.....yipee I'm starting to use my brain.
I head in and we go to the picnic area waiting for 1pm for the kids fossil dig. They have a picnic area for lunches, but they don't serve food bring your own. We thought we would go and buy some from the local food stops, but didn't realize how far down the road they were until we got there. So we sit and drink water. 10 mins till 1 I realize I forgot the tickets for the dig in my other bag and forgot to transfer them to the water bag....out I go again for another trek to the car in the heat. THIS DAY ISN'T TURNING OUT LIKE I PLANNED.
The dog is not liking the weather or the car...we can't leave and go to a restaurant b/c we have him....

Back with the tickets and I leave the dog with hubby and the kids and I
head to the fossil dig

Now by this point we are dying in the heat and starving so we head back to the car. This day isn't going as I had planned b/c I pictured this all .....well better....less stress and heat. Like I I new here?

We head on to Dublin, Texas for our yearly trip to the Dr Pepper Shop for real Dr Pepper...made the way it should be and Frosty Floats. But first we need to find somewhere to eat...outside...ugh
Lo and behold dear hubby spots the perfect place BBQ w/a picnic area in the back with bathrooms and shade...could it get better than that??? Hubby walks to the stand to place the order and I drive to the back to unload the kids to run wild and get the sick dog out. I now notice he has pee'd on himself IN MY SEAT and puked water up! GRRRR this dog didn't belong on the trip!

This stop wasn't all bad though...we actually enjoyed was cool and the food was terrific and the kids could relax too! The dog just ran around!

Lunch over...time to get back in the car and head to Dublin...just a few mins down the road.

Back in the car with our case of Dublin Pepper and make the trek home...tired and sticky and w/a dog that hates the trip. Moses, I have to admit, did great on the way home....needless to say this is not the day I had planned in my head. I was thrown curves and wasn't very prepared. Sniff sniff, but on the bright side...I loved hanging with the family and maybe just maybe we'll do this again...minus the dog!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lil Chunky Monkey...not me the baby!

Well we had to have just a bit of a peak at the little girl today....just to check on fluid levels etc...
Looks like we will have a chunky monkey on our hands. The other 3 were under 7lbs...bald and skinny. Looks like CM (1st nickname..chunky monkey) is going to be born with hair, chubby cheeks, and pouty lips (like her mama)
(here is a photo from today)

It was so amazing to see her again moving around on the screen....she was opening her eyes...and playing with her feet. I can't wait to hold her in a few months!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

30 weeks Pregnant and can still Run like the Wind

(sings to Christopher Cross)

on with blog....
ugh...Did I ever get a fright this evening...

We have walkie talkies that we use if the kids are going to play...Mini Me has a friend that is across the greenbelt, but when you turn the corner for her house it's out of my sight, so I make her call me when she reaches their door and when she is leaving...

Well today she calls when she gets there...and again when she is heading home...about 1 min later I hear screaming on the walkie...I can't understand her...All I can think of is a big dog is attacking her...

I'm screaming...'where are you where are you'

She's screaming ' the bridge by the lake...mommmmmy..i'm bleeding'

I'm screaming 'I'm coming I'm coming...'

I sprint out the back door as fast as I can...I'm surprised I didn't even feel pregnant! I'm running like there is no tomorrow. I'm sure anyone who happened to look out their back porch got a pretty hilarious sight!

There I spot my daughter on the ground crying....Luckily my oldest son was behind me and he helped...

Poor baby had fallen off the bridge with her bike and down on the concrete (it's about a 6-7' slope)...she skinned her knee...arm...and belly! They know they are not allowed to ride their bikes across the bridge but to walk it...she tried to stop b4 the getting to the bridge to walk her bike, but lost control and stumbled and tumbled down! It's about 5 houses away from our house...sniff sniff...and was sitting there covered in pond muck and bleeding....and sobbing...

After lots of kisses and tons of washing I got her cleaned up! She's resting on the couch with a cup of apple juice! Thank goodness for walkie talkies!

Poor thing said...."Mom I'm glad we have these things or I would still be sitting out there on the wall crying"

ohhhhhhhhh poor mini me....I'd never let her sit there that long....surely she'd think I would have wondered what happened!

Here is a pic of the bridge.....sorry none of me running...that's for Funniest Home Bloopers!

Labor hurts? Really?!

We are going the Birthing Center route w/a midwife this time around. The last 2 babies were delivered a la drug free at hospitals and I had the worst experience. (I'll blog on those later) So this time around I knew knew knew I would use a midwife. No questions about it! I made the right decision! I couldn't be happier!

Today I had my 30 week check up and I had to bring the kids....well I wanted to, but also didn't want to find a babysitter...this is their sister being born! My oldest can't figure out why we can't "do it like normal people and give birth at a hospital" My response....this is how NORMAL people do it!

I reminded while at the birthing center I would show them the room where baby L will be born and they could walk around the place.

We head inside and the girls tell me that today is a crazy day that a mom is in labor right now! OHHHH HOW EXCITING....So I tell the kids to be quiet or talk in hushed tones...I go off and do my thing...weigh...pee etc...Then I came back into the kitchen area where we wait for the midwife to come and get us. The girls tell us it could be a bit, but did we mind waiting....Nah...don't mind. We sit and chat in hushed tones for a bit and then we hear


My middle child looks at me with this look of terror...Mini Me makes this yikes face...and oldest son says "what the heck?" I reminded them that laboring women tend to make noise and that it can hurt a bit. I'm trying really hard not to say it hurts b/c according to my Hypnobabies book I'm supposed to reprogram the way I talk about labor, but come on it hurts ...why lie about it. The kids don't look impressed by my answer....I wanted to giggle, but probably not a good thing since someone is in pain and I'm not (at the moment) We then talk about how baby's come out and that some women (like mommy) choose to not use any pain medication. That our body's work hard to push the baby out and sometimes it helps to make noise (EAT YOUR HEART OUT TOM CRUISE AND UR SILENT BIRTH)

A few moments later we hear another tiny series of moans.... then silence ...then the most beautiful sound in the world...a baby's cry! Awww if I didn't want to break down and cry myself! Some family gets to bring their little baby home today! I'm sooo envious! I can't wait to meet our little one too!

Sadly the kids didn't get to see the birthing room.....but how many times can you say at 11, 9, and 7 yrs old that you heard a woman give birth in the next room???

It was a great day!!! and all the others

So hubby and I like to cuddle on the couch and watch tv while the kids are in bed. Ok it's more like me with my feet in his lap so he will rub my tired and swollen pregnancy footsies!
Poor guy has to sit through and watch either my reality tv shows or HGTV. I don't think a night can go by that we don't see a commercial for either or Eharmony or the likes.

Conversation as follows:

Me: "Hey honey.............we should do that ..."

Hubby: "Do what"

Me: " Join one of those"

Hubby: "I think if I remember correctly we're married already"

Me: "I know.............but I want to see if it pairs us together. Don't you think they would pair us together."

Hubby: "No.....(pause.....realizes what he says.. pause....stutters)....UHHH SURE HONEY OF COURSE THEY WOULD PAIR US AND IN FACT YOU WOULD BE THE ONLY MATCH THEY FIND FOR ME" (rubs feet harder)

Me: "Good follow up there honey"

Monday, July 21, 2008


You always see men on TV or for that matter in person speaking of 'their man room'. You know the room I'm talking about...that room that neither wife nor child gets to be a part of? I mean what do they really want to do in there anyways that they don't already do in front of us? I'm sure the gas fumes are just as high in there as they are in the living room or under the covers! They will always assume control of the remote and they always will fall asleep in upright why need a 'special room'?

I'd like to have a space to call 'hey that's mine' and I have my space right here in the Great room. The room that makes up the kitchen/breakfast area/living room. There is a desk built in the wall and 2 pretty windows that face south. I can sit tall and look out at the greenbelt (or neighbors back porch) and smile! My computer is in the corner of the desk and my chair is always at an angle...which means my back is to the kitchen/front of the house. If anyone comes down the stairs I can't see them, but they can see me.

Let the games begin!!!
This is the time to scare mommy! My middle child is a hoot! He knows I wake up b4 everyone to catch some alone's.. the list could go on. He loves to sneak down the stairs and scare the bu-gee-bees out of me....But little does he know...every creak I hear I whip my head around or shout "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat are you doing?" sometimes that works and I get a reply...other times I just look like a nut talking to myself.

I really need to stop this game and just let him get me. I'm getting whiplash and vertigo from whipping my head around every 2 seconds. Not only that, but I think the dog is starting to realize I've gone crazy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Whoever thought low rise maternity pants were the latest rage were obviously never hugly pregnant. I mean they look really cute on the hanger...and they feel really cute when you aren't showing


I had to start over with clothes from scratch's been 7 years since I had my last baby, so needless to say I had either given away or thrown away my old clothes....I tried to get away with what skirt/dresses I had in my closet since most clothes are made to look maternity, but there are days when pants will do. I bought a pair of capris from Old Navy and all they had were low rise. I thought, "Well what they hay...I'll get em....they fit and are a great price."

They felt fine in the beginning b4 you're really showing and not that large....

But now I'm 7months pregnant and huge and these suckers hurt! The band hits right where the baby presses and then the baby presses and kicks back...Heaven forbid you sit down in these things ...SHESH

I can't push them down any lower or my hoohoo will be showing and I can't hike them up higher, well b/c they are low rise!


Doctors Renewing My Faith

It isn't every day you find a Doctor that you fall in love with. It isn't every day that you find 2 Doctor's that you fall in love with. Well we found both. I am in 'shock and awe' at the amount of caring these 2 latest Dr's I found show towards what they love and the children they care for.

We started looking for a new Pediatrician that will support our decision for No Vaccines/or selective. We are leaning towards the STRICTLY NO VACCINES right now, but who knows what will happen 5 years. We have just read too many case studies of the amount of shots....contents of the shots...and possible outcomes....the Cons to vaccinate far out way the Pros to not in our opinion. But for those who don't vaccinate your job just doesn't end in begins and you as a parent need to do your part in keeping your kids healthy from the inside out! We found just that Dr to do that and I was blown away by meeting her and hearing the things she said. Where has she been??? She treats each child differently ...not how the AAP tells society to treat infants. What am I talking about...the amount of shots and the time frame in which to receive these. Or that pushing antibiotics for every sniffle or sneeze is the answer. She looks at the child and issues with the child and family history etc....and then decides if they child should delay certain vaccines and how to treat them medically. She also believes in wellness with foods and activities to keep the child well. She believes that medicine isn't always the answer. Family chiropractors play a huge part in wellness. It makes sense if you think about it. If your body is out of whack (as I like to say) then how can it function and work properly? Our Dr says the majority of her patients are well patients. Back in the day she saw over 10+ kids a day with ear infections and they treated them with she rarely sees sick kids. If a child comes with a sore throat or ear infection she thinks of the cause...treats it or send them to the chiropractor...who in turn aligns the body and boom...infection cleared up. Sounds too easy? Well it is and I've seen proof and talk to other mothers who treat their children this way. It is amazing how healthy and well their kids are vs the kids today who are shot up full of antibiotics or vaccines.

Which leads me to the 2nd best Dr around....Our family Chiropractor.... this isn't your typical Chiro Dr. She is a family one that doesn't see those 'car accident' victims. Her goal is to keep her patients well! They see an infant starting in the newborn phase and on. If a child gets a cold you can see her! She has been a terrific help in the past couple of weeks with my pregnancy. My back and neck our screaming from carrying extra baby weight and my pelvis is getting pushed over...not good for when it's time to push baby out! While visiting with her I told her about my oldest son's problems and she said she would like to see him. She explained how all the nerves work etc and how she could possible relieve some pressure and get the nerves working again. NO guarantees mind you since he was born with these issues. I wasn't sure what insurance would cover and since there were no guarantees I was hesitant. Come to find out insurance doesn't allow much in the way of coverage, so I told her I would decline bringing him. GET THIS...SHE CALLED ME BACK AND SAID THAT SHE WOULD SEE AND TREAT HIM FOR FREE IF I BROUGHT HIM.
WHAT? How many Dr's do you know that care that much about helping someone that they do this? I was shocked and amazed. She is terrific with kids and she lights up a room. I don't think I can thank her enough for what she has done. How does one repay someone for kindness?

There are Dr's out there that care....and I have found 2 that have renewed my faith in them! Thanks Dr Bain and Dr Shelton!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kids in the Kitchen

The kids love being in the why not help me make treats!

The kids and I made Berry Yogurt Pops! Grayson helped with the mold... Kate helped with the ingredients, and Jake did the blending! Mom got to put her feet up! Here are pics of the finished product!

Berry Yogurt Pops

1 can (8 oz) pear halves

1 cup blueberries (we used frozen)

2 cups low-fat vanilla yogurt

Drain the pears, reserving 2tbs syrup. Place the pears, blueberries, and reserve syrup in the blender and process until smooth.

Add the yogurt to the blueberry mixture and blend again. Divide mixture into ice pop molds.

Freeze until firm! YUM

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pink and Chocolate...and more Pink!

The furniture came in quicker than they said! Woohoo.....I was anxious to go and pick it up, but I needed my hubby's strong arms...(his pick up truck too) to help me get the items home! Thankfully without nagging *chokes* the boxes were unpacked within 2 days of bringing them home...
The dresser already came put together and the crib took us just minutes (well, ok like 30 but we are a great team!)
Here are some pictures of the room.....I still have some work ahead of me!

Splish Splash

The kids are loving the weather ...and so is pregnant momma! I don't think I could make it at all this summer without having the neighborhood pool. I bring a cooler full of drinks and food (usually lunch and fruit) and lather the kids up in sunscreen and they're off. I wear my big floppy hat and read a book...when I start to feel hot I jump in and swim under the waterfall with the kids and then read some more. We can literally stay out for hours! What a great summer it has been!

Why is it?

Why is it out of all the hundreds of shopping carts you always find the one with the bum wheel?

Why is it when you are at the grocery store there are only 2 lanes open with 6 people in each line, but yet 10 workers standing around doing nothing?

Why is it your baby decides to puke on your top right as you are walking out the door?

Why is it that when you finally can sleep in you wake up at the crack of dawn?

Why is it the only time people ever want to talk to you is when you finally get a chance to take a nap?

Why is it you get a huge pimple the day you are going to have your picture taken?

Why is it an ice storm hits the one day you have a wedding planned and no one can make it?

Why is it that the weather can be perfect and sunny for 40 days straight, but the minute you plan an outdoor party it rains?

Why is it your children are fine and healthy and the day you take them to visit for a play date they vomit?

Why is it that a 30 day money back guarantee doesn't mean from the moment you receive it, but from the moment you order it even if it takes 29 days to get it?

Why is it that you can always pick the slow lane at the bank drive thru, only to move to a faster lane just for it to slow down again?

Why is it that you didn't see that one red sock of your daughter's in your husband's load of whites?

Why is it your children get a stomach bug at 2am instead of in the middle of the day?

Why is it when someone calls and wakes you up they ask, "Did I wake you?"?

Why is it that time flies by when you are doing nothing, but when you are in a hurry it goes slower than molasses?

Why is it when you are at a Dr's office and forget your book the Dr takes ages, but when you bring it they call you within 3 minutes of sitting down?

Why is it your dental hygienist talks to you when your mouth is full?

Why is it you never spill anything until you go out to dinner with your husband on a nice date?

Why is it children feel the urge to stand over you in the middle of the night to tell you they can't sleep?

Why is it the phone never rings and no one ever knocks on the door until the moment you sit down on the toilet?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nice Nellie

I would like to think at times I've got some balls....the guts kind mind you! You know the kind where you are at a store or restaurant and when you aren't happy you say so. In a polite can tell someone that something about your order or service isn't exactly what you wanted without being rude. But I don't ever want to seem unhappy....if the food is bad, I'll smile and say it was great. If I ordered tea and not water and they bring me water I'll drink it anyways. See my point here?

Brings me to a story last year that really makes me stew still .....I was weak and didn't stand up for myself and could kick myself now....but did I learn? NOOOOOO I keep making the same mistake....I guess I don't like making a scene or causing a fuss.

Story 1 year ago....I like to call it Miffed in Mesquite

My dear hubby likes to have things in sets of... well a lot. For instance, we have like 3 sets of many pillows and towels that you would laugh at. Basically if something we have goes on sale he wants more....His reason day the towels will get worn and we'll have a backup set. When we find something we like we stick w/it.

Well when it comes to plates he's no different. Garden Ridge Pottery was having a 75% off sale on this certain pattern of dishes. No name brand, but matched our theme of stuff....rustic style and some had roosters on them. This collection had a serving platter...pitcher....huge serving bowls...cake stand etc. They were really adorable. So we bought as much as we could....big square dinner plates, small dinner plates, cereal bowls...big round dinner plates and small round dinner plates. I know I know you're thinking why square and round....I agree pick 1...but since the plates came out to $..50 a piece etc why not buy all the set??!!!.....He said he wanted to find 12 pieces of each. So I set about driving all over town to all the different Garden Ridges hunting the sale racks for this pattern. I finally hit the last store way on the out skirts of town and make a beeline for this collection. I was floored...they had sooo many that I was angry that I didn't try there first......I think I was laughing and jumping up and down w/joy (if only you knew how far I had driven around town the past 4 days only to come up empty handed you would have jumped too) So insert the part which makes me mad......

Picture the scene...chick w/buggy down aisle obviously really happy about some dishes.....(ME) and some customer was next to me asking what all the fuss was about. I told her the quick story of how I had driven all over town looking for these dishes to complete my set. She asked me why I needed so many and I told her why....she made some snide comment about being a waste etc...(not really b/c how many times have you chipped a plate and then didn't have a full set????) I grab a handful of the small square plates and start counting them and placing them in my buggy. I needed 4 more. When I turned around she picked up the last 4 and said "ohhh these will look great on my table."


I said something about...."Man I'm still 4 short" so I get on my cell phone and speak loudly to my mother about how I am still 4 plates short so this chick would hear me....

She keeps them and I'm still 4 short. I am a weak weak girl. If I was stronger I would have said

Gosh lady....didn't you just hear me tell my story... don't take those last 4 plates that I need for my you really need those for ur table?"

But I didn't and she walked away w/them.

Everyday that I open my cabinets and see 8 plates I still get miffed....


So have I learned my lesson? No not really. (story from last week)

We have been looking for the perfect throw blankets for the couch...I've been looking for over a year and finally stumbled upon ones that would be perfect. (esp so the kids will quit fighting over the ratty one we have now) So I call hubby asap and tell him I found some for $49 a piece, but they are perfect and I was going to get 2! He said go for it. I head to the display and there is only 1 chocolate color there....(figures there are tons of the other 5 colors, but not the color I need) There are 2 on the display of chocolate I asked sales girl if they have more in the back. She checks and NOPE they don't. I then say, 'well then I would like one of the ones on the display'. She says she's sorry, but can't take them down b/c she needs 2 for the stand. ....UMMMMMMMMMM HELLO MISS RESTORATION HARDWARE SALES GIRL ...I'M ABOUT TO SPEND MONEY AND YOU WON'T SELL ME SOMETHING? So I say 'OK fine' and leave with only 1.
Why didn't I say, "well I guess you will have to choose 2 other colors from the millions of blankets you have so that I may have that one?" etc....
Because I'm too nice to want to cause a scene! But I'm the one out 1 blanket and will have to make another trip one day to purchase another one when more come in.

You would think I would learn my lesson.....but I don't. I'll work on that later!

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