Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doctors Renewing My Faith

It isn't every day you find a Doctor that you fall in love with. It isn't every day that you find 2 Doctor's that you fall in love with. Well we found both. I am in 'shock and awe' at the amount of caring these 2 latest Dr's I found show towards what they love and the children they care for.

We started looking for a new Pediatrician that will support our decision for No Vaccines/or selective. We are leaning towards the STRICTLY NO VACCINES right now, but who knows what will happen 5 years. We have just read too many case studies of the amount of shots....contents of the shots...and possible outcomes....the Cons to vaccinate far out way the Pros to not in our opinion. But for those who don't vaccinate your job just doesn't end in begins and you as a parent need to do your part in keeping your kids healthy from the inside out! We found just that Dr to do that and I was blown away by meeting her and hearing the things she said. Where has she been??? She treats each child differently ...not how the AAP tells society to treat infants. What am I talking about...the amount of shots and the time frame in which to receive these. Or that pushing antibiotics for every sniffle or sneeze is the answer. She looks at the child and issues with the child and family history etc....and then decides if they child should delay certain vaccines and how to treat them medically. She also believes in wellness with foods and activities to keep the child well. She believes that medicine isn't always the answer. Family chiropractors play a huge part in wellness. It makes sense if you think about it. If your body is out of whack (as I like to say) then how can it function and work properly? Our Dr says the majority of her patients are well patients. Back in the day she saw over 10+ kids a day with ear infections and they treated them with she rarely sees sick kids. If a child comes with a sore throat or ear infection she thinks of the cause...treats it or send them to the chiropractor...who in turn aligns the body and boom...infection cleared up. Sounds too easy? Well it is and I've seen proof and talk to other mothers who treat their children this way. It is amazing how healthy and well their kids are vs the kids today who are shot up full of antibiotics or vaccines.

Which leads me to the 2nd best Dr around....Our family Chiropractor.... this isn't your typical Chiro Dr. She is a family one that doesn't see those 'car accident' victims. Her goal is to keep her patients well! They see an infant starting in the newborn phase and on. If a child gets a cold you can see her! She has been a terrific help in the past couple of weeks with my pregnancy. My back and neck our screaming from carrying extra baby weight and my pelvis is getting pushed over...not good for when it's time to push baby out! While visiting with her I told her about my oldest son's problems and she said she would like to see him. She explained how all the nerves work etc and how she could possible relieve some pressure and get the nerves working again. NO guarantees mind you since he was born with these issues. I wasn't sure what insurance would cover and since there were no guarantees I was hesitant. Come to find out insurance doesn't allow much in the way of coverage, so I told her I would decline bringing him. GET THIS...SHE CALLED ME BACK AND SAID THAT SHE WOULD SEE AND TREAT HIM FOR FREE IF I BROUGHT HIM.
WHAT? How many Dr's do you know that care that much about helping someone that they do this? I was shocked and amazed. She is terrific with kids and she lights up a room. I don't think I can thank her enough for what she has done. How does one repay someone for kindness?

There are Dr's out there that care....and I have found 2 that have renewed my faith in them! Thanks Dr Bain and Dr Shelton!


Joanne said...

Glad that you have found some docs that support your decisions. Fred and I are doing a delayed vaccination schedule for Elise. For us, it was totally the way to go. I looked into no vaccines and was very torn about it, but in the end (and after a lot of research) we decided to vaccinate because of the amount of international travel we plan to do (well, that wasw just one of the reasons). So far, so good. We only had one quasi-bad reaction and it was because I allowed them to give her two shots in one visit instead of the one. I'd better end my comment before it gets longer than your post!

Michelle said...

Ok, how crazy is this? You commented on my blog today for the first time today and I come over to your place to visit and we have TONS in common! Like, uh, hello... WHERE WE LIVE!!

We don't vaccinate either. We stopped after #4 had a reaction. I would love to know your docs name if you wouldn't mind sharing.:) We currently are with one that is okay with no vaccines, but not sure she is the one for us. We also see holistic chiropractors that I TOTALLY LOVE!! They helped me tremendously with my last pregnancy doing the Webster technique.

It was really nice running into you in the blogosphere!

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