Monday, July 21, 2008


You always see men on TV or for that matter in person speaking of 'their man room'. You know the room I'm talking about...that room that neither wife nor child gets to be a part of? I mean what do they really want to do in there anyways that they don't already do in front of us? I'm sure the gas fumes are just as high in there as they are in the living room or under the covers! They will always assume control of the remote and they always will fall asleep in upright why need a 'special room'?

I'd like to have a space to call 'hey that's mine' and I have my space right here in the Great room. The room that makes up the kitchen/breakfast area/living room. There is a desk built in the wall and 2 pretty windows that face south. I can sit tall and look out at the greenbelt (or neighbors back porch) and smile! My computer is in the corner of the desk and my chair is always at an angle...which means my back is to the kitchen/front of the house. If anyone comes down the stairs I can't see them, but they can see me.

Let the games begin!!!
This is the time to scare mommy! My middle child is a hoot! He knows I wake up b4 everyone to catch some alone's.. the list could go on. He loves to sneak down the stairs and scare the bu-gee-bees out of me....But little does he know...every creak I hear I whip my head around or shout "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat are you doing?" sometimes that works and I get a reply...other times I just look like a nut talking to myself.

I really need to stop this game and just let him get me. I'm getting whiplash and vertigo from whipping my head around every 2 seconds. Not only that, but I think the dog is starting to realize I've gone crazy!

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