Saturday, July 26, 2008

It was better in my mind

Today was our day trip. I have had this planned in my mind for the past month. Why don't I learn? I mean am I a first time mom? Do I look like a mom who doesn't plan for all aspects of things to happen?

Last night I wrote my list of everything we would need. From kids play things to entertain themselves in the paper towels...wet wipes...extra roll of TP (you know in case you stop and there isn't any) ...extra grocery bags for trash...cooler of ice and bottle then proceeded to put all of those bags into a laundry basket for easier travel!

Hubby decided...YES IT WAS HIS take the dog. I mean after all he is family right? And we wouldn't want to crate him for a full day or let him run loose? So earlier this week I went and bought a new leash w/built in poo bags (I'd been dying for one anyways) and new harness for walking. I packed his bones...water bowl...extra food you name it! I then laid a towel in his seat for comfort!

We are ready to go...hubby sleeps in and then makes the 'all American breakfast' ...then showers...we leave 1 hour later. OK I can roll with that...

It's 2 hours to our first stop. DINOSAUR WORLD IN GLEN ROSE. I've printed out directions to there....Halfway into the trip....blah blah...the dog pukes on the only towel I packed (see I knew when I told myself to pack a few I should have listened)....We pull over at the gas station and clean things up....take a pit stop for candy and let the dog 'walk it off'. Start to drive again down road and realize dog isn't going to do well....we need an adult to wipe his mouth. Well I can't because I have horrible motion we pull over and all switch...hubby sits in middle row with dog...small kids in back....oldest child and mom up front ....All is well now right?

We get to DINOSAUR WORLD and I'm expecting it to be like the Fort Worth Zoo ...all nature like....ummm no...

here is a pic of us walking in. (luckily we checked before the trip and dogs are allowed)

Parking lot is void of shade. But surely the door to walk in to buy our tickets is cool and I was right! Thank you! We buy our tickets and head out the back to start our tour! The walking trail has barely any shade and no telling how long it is....the stupid map didn't say!

Halfway through the walk...

Mini Me: "Mommy ...I have to go #2"

So I head back the way we came with Mini Me.....(did I mention I'm 30 weeks preg and waddling???)
We make it and she does 'her thing' and then walk back to meet the gang....but they are coming to meet us b/c the dog is hot and thirsty..... So I cup my hands and pour some water in my hands and he drinks. Now being the smart mom that I am (sarcastic tone)....I only brought 1 bottle of water with me b/c I didn't want to be loaded down by heavy things while carrying my camera .... and being the smart mom that I am did I bring sunscreen? Nope ...DID I MENTION THE TEMPS ARE TRIPLE DIGITS???? Hats???
Nope no hats...nothing...

Here are pics of the life sized dinosaurs

Did I mention I just brought 1 bottle of water? And did I mention the dog is wanting to stop ever so often for more water to drink out of my hands? Did I mention there are 5 of us in our family? I feel like a bad hats...we're burning....and they are we are taking turns just taking sips from this one bottle until the trail ends.

Here is the dog resting...again!

So here I am wondering in my head....AM I REALLY A MOM? I MEAN I SUPPLY EVERYTHING FOR MY FAMILY...THEY DEPEND ON ME. I am a failure! I needed a backpack full of stuff...but I forgot!

We end the trail with the kids sticking their heads in the dino

We took the kids in the gift shop to check out the fossils

I then remember the extra water bottles the car and leave dog inside while I run to the car to grab the dogs water bowl for easier drinking.
I trade bags in the car and use Mini Me's crayon bag.....yipee I'm starting to use my brain.
I head in and we go to the picnic area waiting for 1pm for the kids fossil dig. They have a picnic area for lunches, but they don't serve food bring your own. We thought we would go and buy some from the local food stops, but didn't realize how far down the road they were until we got there. So we sit and drink water. 10 mins till 1 I realize I forgot the tickets for the dig in my other bag and forgot to transfer them to the water bag....out I go again for another trek to the car in the heat. THIS DAY ISN'T TURNING OUT LIKE I PLANNED.
The dog is not liking the weather or the car...we can't leave and go to a restaurant b/c we have him....

Back with the tickets and I leave the dog with hubby and the kids and I
head to the fossil dig

Now by this point we are dying in the heat and starving so we head back to the car. This day isn't going as I had planned b/c I pictured this all .....well better....less stress and heat. Like I I new here?

We head on to Dublin, Texas for our yearly trip to the Dr Pepper Shop for real Dr Pepper...made the way it should be and Frosty Floats. But first we need to find somewhere to eat...outside...ugh
Lo and behold dear hubby spots the perfect place BBQ w/a picnic area in the back with bathrooms and shade...could it get better than that??? Hubby walks to the stand to place the order and I drive to the back to unload the kids to run wild and get the sick dog out. I now notice he has pee'd on himself IN MY SEAT and puked water up! GRRRR this dog didn't belong on the trip!

This stop wasn't all bad though...we actually enjoyed was cool and the food was terrific and the kids could relax too! The dog just ran around!

Lunch over...time to get back in the car and head to Dublin...just a few mins down the road.

Back in the car with our case of Dublin Pepper and make the trek home...tired and sticky and w/a dog that hates the trip. Moses, I have to admit, did great on the way home....needless to say this is not the day I had planned in my head. I was thrown curves and wasn't very prepared. Sniff sniff, but on the bright side...I loved hanging with the family and maybe just maybe we'll do this again...minus the dog!

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