Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Official

Yep....It's official...I am pregnant. I mean what's a pregnancy without the wonderful leg cramps called "Charley Horse". I mean why a horse? That cramp that makes you spring from the bed and hop around like a monkey feels nothing like a horse.
I thought I would have escaped those things....but nope...this morning as I rolled over to upright my huge self left leg cramped! I'm hopping around my room trying hard not to scream out b/c the kids were still asleep. (any bit of quiet/alone time I can have in the morning is best) So here I am 31 weeks pregnant.....21 lbs heavier......Dolly Parton sized milkers....heartburn and reflux....that numbness above my ribcage b/c of the baby pressing on nerves that drives me crazy b/c it is annoying and hurts....water retention....shortness of breath....nose bleeds....waddles....back aches....having to pee every few minutes...lack of sleep...freaky dreams...ok I could go on....but it's official I'm pregnant!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I'm just starting to get to some of them thar pregnancy symptoms. The nosebleeds are a first for me. Never had'em until this pregnancy. Go figure. Let's see...I've got backache, peeing, heartburn just started this week and numbness in my hand and hip when I sleep on my right side. We are strange, gestating creatures, my friend.

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