Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Labor hurts? Really?!

We are going the Birthing Center route w/a midwife this time around. The last 2 babies were delivered a la drug free at hospitals and I had the worst experience. (I'll blog on those later) So this time around I knew knew knew I would use a midwife. No questions about it! I made the right decision! I couldn't be happier!

Today I had my 30 week check up and I had to bring the kids....well I wanted to, but also didn't want to find a babysitter...this is their sister being born! My oldest can't figure out why we can't "do it like normal people and give birth at a hospital" My response....this is how NORMAL people do it!

I reminded while at the birthing center I would show them the room where baby L will be born and they could walk around the place.

We head inside and the girls tell me that today is a crazy day that a mom is in labor right now! OHHHH HOW EXCITING....So I tell the kids to be quiet or talk in hushed tones...I go off and do my thing...weigh...pee etc...Then I came back into the kitchen area where we wait for the midwife to come and get us. The girls tell us it could be a bit, but did we mind waiting....Nah...don't mind. We sit and chat in hushed tones for a bit and then we hear


My middle child looks at me with this look of terror...Mini Me makes this yikes face...and oldest son says "what the heck?" I reminded them that laboring women tend to make noise and that it can hurt a bit. I'm trying really hard not to say it hurts b/c according to my Hypnobabies book I'm supposed to reprogram the way I talk about labor, but come on it hurts ...why lie about it. The kids don't look impressed by my answer....I wanted to giggle, but probably not a good thing since someone is in pain and I'm not (at the moment) We then talk about how baby's come out and that some women (like mommy) choose to not use any pain medication. That our body's work hard to push the baby out and sometimes it helps to make noise (EAT YOUR HEART OUT TOM CRUISE AND UR SILENT BIRTH)

A few moments later we hear another tiny series of moans.... then silence ...then the most beautiful sound in the world...a baby's cry! Awww if I didn't want to break down and cry myself! Some family gets to bring their little baby home today! I'm sooo envious! I can't wait to meet our little one too!

Sadly the kids didn't get to see the birthing room.....but how many times can you say at 11, 9, and 7 yrs old that you heard a woman give birth in the next room???

It was a great day!!!

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Michelle said...

Wow. And I thought my day was exciting. All we did was go to the mall.
You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the birthing center!!! I was actually the first person to deliver at our birth center. It had just opened July 1st and I gave birth to Hope on July 15th!
And just so you know... I did tear up when you talked about the cry. Dang them hormones.

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