Wednesday, July 23, 2008 and all the others

So hubby and I like to cuddle on the couch and watch tv while the kids are in bed. Ok it's more like me with my feet in his lap so he will rub my tired and swollen pregnancy footsies!
Poor guy has to sit through and watch either my reality tv shows or HGTV. I don't think a night can go by that we don't see a commercial for either or Eharmony or the likes.

Conversation as follows:

Me: "Hey honey.............we should do that ..."

Hubby: "Do what"

Me: " Join one of those"

Hubby: "I think if I remember correctly we're married already"

Me: "I know.............but I want to see if it pairs us together. Don't you think they would pair us together."

Hubby: "No.....(pause.....realizes what he says.. pause....stutters)....UHHH SURE HONEY OF COURSE THEY WOULD PAIR US AND IN FACT YOU WOULD BE THE ONLY MATCH THEY FIND FOR ME" (rubs feet harder)

Me: "Good follow up there honey"


The Kings said...

that is hilarious. I loved it! I sometimes wonder about that with Todd and I.

Michelle said...

I tell my hubs the same thing! It's always, "hey, let's see if it matches us!". I usually just get and eye roll.

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