Friday, July 11, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it out of all the hundreds of shopping carts you always find the one with the bum wheel?

Why is it when you are at the grocery store there are only 2 lanes open with 6 people in each line, but yet 10 workers standing around doing nothing?

Why is it your baby decides to puke on your top right as you are walking out the door?

Why is it that when you finally can sleep in you wake up at the crack of dawn?

Why is it the only time people ever want to talk to you is when you finally get a chance to take a nap?

Why is it you get a huge pimple the day you are going to have your picture taken?

Why is it an ice storm hits the one day you have a wedding planned and no one can make it?

Why is it that the weather can be perfect and sunny for 40 days straight, but the minute you plan an outdoor party it rains?

Why is it your children are fine and healthy and the day you take them to visit for a play date they vomit?

Why is it that a 30 day money back guarantee doesn't mean from the moment you receive it, but from the moment you order it even if it takes 29 days to get it?

Why is it that you can always pick the slow lane at the bank drive thru, only to move to a faster lane just for it to slow down again?

Why is it that you didn't see that one red sock of your daughter's in your husband's load of whites?

Why is it your children get a stomach bug at 2am instead of in the middle of the day?

Why is it when someone calls and wakes you up they ask, "Did I wake you?"?

Why is it that time flies by when you are doing nothing, but when you are in a hurry it goes slower than molasses?

Why is it when you are at a Dr's office and forget your book the Dr takes ages, but when you bring it they call you within 3 minutes of sitting down?

Why is it your dental hygienist talks to you when your mouth is full?

Why is it you never spill anything until you go out to dinner with your husband on a nice date?

Why is it children feel the urge to stand over you in the middle of the night to tell you they can't sleep?

Why is it the phone never rings and no one ever knocks on the door until the moment you sit down on the toilet?

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