Saturday, August 30, 2008

Babe's Chicken

Oldest son had his 12th birthday...YES 12th...ugh makes me feel old...
Anyways...We celebrated it traditional style like we do every year....

Lucky us...they just opened a new one right down the road from us! MMMMM MMMM GOOD

Happy Birthday Gray

Baby Shower.....are we there yet?

Whew....I think we are finally in the home stretch! The kids keep laughing and pointing at my belly...(thanks kids) and hubby says he does not remember what I looked like before I was carrying around a "beach ball" ...ummm thanks???
My ankles and tops of my feet started swelling last Saturday and I have officially had to start putting my feet up higher than waist level for hours at a time....which in turn makes my back hurt...ok you get the point...the list could go on!

Some of my dear friends in the neighborhood threw me and Baby Lily a baby shower last weekend!

My next door neighbor is due a few weeks before me and we got a belly shot's fun to see how we all carry our babies! She is having a boy named Oliver....we're having a girl named Lily
(any Hannah Montana fans see the irony??)

More pics of the shower....

Things are now washed and put away....I've hung some pictures in the baby's room....I am resting as much as all I have to do is sit back and wait for labor to begin. Oh happy happy joy joy!

All joking aside...Mini Me is looking forward to the big day of becoming a big sister! Me too!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Out of the Mouth of a Babe

Babe as in child...not little hot thang...

Question of the Day:

While getting Mini Me ready for her first day of 2nd grade today she asked,

"Mom I really want to know where boogers come from. Do you how they get in there?"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Midwife 34 week appt update

Whew....I can't believe I got to type 34 weeks....Seems like just yesterday we were trying for this little package!!! Time flies when your having fun....or just flies in general...either way we are almost there!

Lily is no longer transverse ...her HEAD IS DOWN AND IN PERFECT POSITION FOR BIRTHING. You go my little angel!!!! She's been transverse since at least my 19 week u/s and I was starting to think ...nooooo you don't! But she is a good girl! No telling when she flipped..I didn't feel a thing...I mean it always feels tons of movement in there! I swear she is making snow angels!!! Heart beat still perfect and I only gained 1 lb so the kids and I went to Wendy's to celebrate! LOLLLLLLLLLLLL Sorry couldn't help myself!!! I've been craving a spicy chicken sandwich lettuce only since a friend and fellow blogger talked about Wendy's!

The midwives gave me my 'packing' list and I really hadn't given it much thought. I mean here I am pregnant with #4 and never once have I have pre-packed a bag. I just do it the day of! I'm a chick..I change my mind constantly....I mean come on (grins)

It was so nice after my appt (there wasn't anyone after me) to sit and talk with the midwife and Lynne (the awesome secretary/wing girl LOL) for an extra 35 mins about birthing...and breastfeeding etc... Unlike my old dr's office...that would totally be unheard of....!

I can't tell you how excited I am about birthing there with women who support me and will be by my side from the time I get there to the time I leave! I am so much in love with this baby it is unreal ...and knowing I won't be at the hospital has eased my concerns more than you can know!

Friday, August 15, 2008

50 things about Me...

A fellow friend and blogger Joanne did a 50 Things about herself...and I felt compelled to see if I could come up with 50 things about me. Not easy...I think it took me weeks to compile this kids were very you are are are have brown eyes...etc...thanks kids!


1. I have a freaky freckle on the palm of my ring finger of my left hand, but it was removed.

2. Another freckle grew back on the palm of my right hand.

3. I can't drive a standard.

4. I eloped and don't regret one second of it

5. Nursed my daughter until she was 18m old

6. Will be using a midwife for birth #4

7. People think I'm Chinese or of some Asian decent, but I'm not.

8. Been pulled over for speeding 8 times and given 2 tickets

9. Was a summer events coordinator/and driver for a private school and didn't check the van's gas light and ran out of gas with a van full of the middle of no where!

10. Threw up underwater while scuba diving

11. Had skin cancer and a nice 4 inch scar on my shin to prove it

12. If one hand gets wet I have to wet the other one or it feels weird.

13. I collect crosses.

14. Have vertigo on a daily basis

15. Ate so many chocolate covered strawberries that I puked. I had a 4 and 2 yr old at the time and they toilet papered the living room and me.

16. Finally learned to 2 step by my hubby at age 31

17. Want 5 kids....

18. Took 3 years of Spanish and can't speak a lick

19. Always wait until the gas light comes on in the car before I fill up the tank.

20. I've never run out of gas, but that once...but that didn't count b/c I didn't notice the light was on!

21. I dream in Black & White and it's always nighttime.

22. I wish I was a professional photographer.

23. I crave Water

24. I could sit and read books for hours and hours.

25. Prefer only reading books with sequels...I hate when they end...but will read anything.

26. Scream, "WHAT TIME IS IT?" when I see a giant clocks.

27. I love to sing song lyrics...only to find out that I don't truly know the words.

28. Took 3 years of drafting to be an architect.

29. I got carded for buying spray paint...I was 30 yrs old with my kids

30. Love being a SAHM

31. Cry at every episode of Little House on the Prairie....even though I've seen them a million times

32. Talk too much.

33. Walk too fast.

34. I have issues with being late....actually panic if I'm on time.

35. I show up 45 mins early for a movie.

36. I've worn the same earrings every single day for the past 6 years.

37. I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them.

38. I can't sleep in complete silence.

39. I love horror movies...more scary...not slasher

40. I have too many magazine subscriptions.

41. Back in the day I had a total of 7 piercings at once...

42. Wishes I was a wife and mother in the 50's.

43. I have naturally curly hair and straighten it everyday.

44. I'm naturally a shy person..I force myself to talk to ppl. My husband would beg to differ..

45. I always think of witty comebacks....way after the situation has happened and I did nothing at the time.

46. I believe in natural self-weaning...not vax'n ...and baby wearing!

47. Think global warming is a crock and I'm using cloth diapers because it's cheaper ...not to save the earth 1 diaper at a time

48. Can't stand feminist women...blah blah blah

49. I am the clumsiest girl in the world....just ask hubby my nickname. (well one of them)

50. I let the kids eat cake for breakfast on their birthdays! woohoo

Patience and Dogs

It's funny really.....I wake up early to have some 'quiet devotion time' b4 the house wakes up. During the summer months it's great...the kids sleep in until 8:30ish and I wake up around 7ish....But during the school year my devotion times get a bit rushed...I have to wake up by get my shower...dress and get my devotion time in b4 the kids come downstairs for breakfast....ugh..not looking forward to that time again in the next couple of weeks!

This morning we got some very much needed rain. Wouldn't you know it? It starts raining just as my hubby rises to take the dog out ....ugh. The dog hates the rain...

Hubby leaves for work and I will wander down to start the coffee and read my devotions....and yes...again the dog wants to go out. Most of the time I make him wait....he doesn't need to go...he just went a hour b4....But when he finishes eating his food...I do know he needs to go out....ugh

So here I sit....reading my whining at the door and raining....I know the scene....we walk out there...he gets in the yard...realizes it's raining and he wants back in...I've done this routine a million times...I've tried something to hold over him..I've tried.

So he's done eating and goes to the door...stares at me...whimpers.....stares at door....stares at me...whimpers....and I'm thinking ohhhh great!!!

I should make him wait I really should...I mean I know the drill. But what if this is different....I mean what if he really does need to go and doesn't mind the rain?.... I get up....get the umbrella....march him outside and guess what? He doesn't go...but runs back to the door....

I'm frustrated and angry and wet......AND I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN......

Sit back at my computer and start my devotion...and the subject PATIENCE....LOLLLLLLLLLL

I think maybe God is telling me something :o)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Baby Bumps

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Only me.....

Today I had a ton of errands to run and didn't have the kids with me so I was taking full advantage of today.

My last stop was with my midwife....everything was a-ok! We're 32 weeks and counting....Baby L is transverse still, but no cause for alarm since we have time yet! It is nice to know that all this time that I'm rubbing and talking to my baby, that was her butt and not her head! (grins)

So I finally get home and I'm starving...All I had today was toast for brekkie...lunch was a Smoothie King (angel food/skinny)! I came home and reallllllllllllllllllly wanted to make a chocolate cake, so instead I settled for a bag of popcorn! Microwave signals that it is done and I'm wishing I had chocolate to pour over it....
I grab the bag...shake....and then proceed to pull the corners apart to open the steaming hot bag....but nothing happens. So I pull the other corners...nothing I tug harder and BOOM....the bag rips open and the popcorn goes flying everywhere...2 hot kernels fly down my shirt in between 'the girls' YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I'm hopping up and down and shaking my bra.....Can you believe I have 2 red burn marks???? Only me!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Slip Sliding Awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The camp does a terrific job of posting about their day...down to the food they ate. Boy am I jealous...I think my son is eating better at camp than he does at home! Their breads and desserts are homemade there....(clears throat..I sometimes make my desserts homemade)

They post pictures here I'll sit scanning the crowd of kids searching for my son's head...and sure enough I spotted him in 3 photos...he didn't even know the camera was pointed on him...

After dinner last night they did a Giant Shaving Cream Slide. From the looks of the picture it seems they had to climb the slide LOL

Basically I have been worrying if he was having fun for nothing! I'm such a mother!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Campfire and Smores....

Our oldest left for camp yesterday...we made the 3.5 hour trek in the car to take him....and that back. Whew....this pregnant chick traveled better in the car than I thought!

He literally talked non-stop the whole way there (I have nooooooooo idea where he gets that) and was almost jumping out of his seat when we finally arrived. The place was totally cool! I want to go to camp again! It was in East Texas in the Piney Woods area and the trees on the trip there were beautiful. It brought back memories of going to school in Nacognoches!

We checked him in and then walked down a dirt trail to boys cabins! I was wearing flip flops and wasn't prepared for the dirt on my shoes or the heat.... we were sweating like pigs I tell ya...the temp was around 103. Whew!

Here is goober boy outside his cabin

We met his cabin counselors and then got his bunk ready and headed off for the trail to the lake for their swim test.

The lake was quite a distance from the cabin, but we finally found it! Oh My I tell you what....that swimming lake has got to be every kids dream! He stood in line and I saw some mother's from church and had to stop to visit!

This is where we left him.....I didn't want to go, but it was 5pm and we had to head home. I know he will have an incredible experience. The camp has a parent's site that you can log into daily and read reports and see videos and pictures of the kids in activities. How cool is that?

Check out the swimming lake..who wouldn't enjoy that?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rocking and Rolling

I love these moments when the baby is getting the point where they don't thump as much as ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. You know like an ocean wave. The kids get a giggle out of watching baby L roll from one side to another. Or better yet...they like to balance something off my belly and see how long baby L keeps it there before knocking it off.
Oh there is nothing better than cheap entertainment for the kids this summer! It's fun for me the first couple of rolls, but I kid you not....she can keep this up for 30 mins. I've timed it! She also likes the hours of 10pm-11pm to entertain herself. Baby L decides this is the time she will try out her Dance Dance Revolution moves. I hope she doesn't think that she can keep that up after she is out!

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