Friday, August 15, 2008

50 things about Me...

A fellow friend and blogger Joanne did a 50 Things about herself...and I felt compelled to see if I could come up with 50 things about me. Not easy...I think it took me weeks to compile this kids were very you are are are have brown eyes...etc...thanks kids!


1. I have a freaky freckle on the palm of my ring finger of my left hand, but it was removed.

2. Another freckle grew back on the palm of my right hand.

3. I can't drive a standard.

4. I eloped and don't regret one second of it

5. Nursed my daughter until she was 18m old

6. Will be using a midwife for birth #4

7. People think I'm Chinese or of some Asian decent, but I'm not.

8. Been pulled over for speeding 8 times and given 2 tickets

9. Was a summer events coordinator/and driver for a private school and didn't check the van's gas light and ran out of gas with a van full of the middle of no where!

10. Threw up underwater while scuba diving

11. Had skin cancer and a nice 4 inch scar on my shin to prove it

12. If one hand gets wet I have to wet the other one or it feels weird.

13. I collect crosses.

14. Have vertigo on a daily basis

15. Ate so many chocolate covered strawberries that I puked. I had a 4 and 2 yr old at the time and they toilet papered the living room and me.

16. Finally learned to 2 step by my hubby at age 31

17. Want 5 kids....

18. Took 3 years of Spanish and can't speak a lick

19. Always wait until the gas light comes on in the car before I fill up the tank.

20. I've never run out of gas, but that once...but that didn't count b/c I didn't notice the light was on!

21. I dream in Black & White and it's always nighttime.

22. I wish I was a professional photographer.

23. I crave Water

24. I could sit and read books for hours and hours.

25. Prefer only reading books with sequels...I hate when they end...but will read anything.

26. Scream, "WHAT TIME IS IT?" when I see a giant clocks.

27. I love to sing song lyrics...only to find out that I don't truly know the words.

28. Took 3 years of drafting to be an architect.

29. I got carded for buying spray paint...I was 30 yrs old with my kids

30. Love being a SAHM

31. Cry at every episode of Little House on the Prairie....even though I've seen them a million times

32. Talk too much.

33. Walk too fast.

34. I have issues with being late....actually panic if I'm on time.

35. I show up 45 mins early for a movie.

36. I've worn the same earrings every single day for the past 6 years.

37. I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them.

38. I can't sleep in complete silence.

39. I love horror movies...more scary...not slasher

40. I have too many magazine subscriptions.

41. Back in the day I had a total of 7 piercings at once...

42. Wishes I was a wife and mother in the 50's.

43. I have naturally curly hair and straighten it everyday.

44. I'm naturally a shy person..I force myself to talk to ppl. My husband would beg to differ..

45. I always think of witty comebacks....way after the situation has happened and I did nothing at the time.

46. I believe in natural self-weaning...not vax'n ...and baby wearing!

47. Think global warming is a crock and I'm using cloth diapers because it's cheaper ...not to save the earth 1 diaper at a time

48. Can't stand feminist women...blah blah blah

49. I am the clumsiest girl in the world....just ask hubby my nickname. (well one of them)

50. I let the kids eat cake for breakfast on their birthdays! woohoo

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Girl, we more alike than I originally thought! Scary, scary stuff, we are. I'm going to go through this list and check off the ones we are alike on!! 47 just plain cracked me up because I say the same exact thing!

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