Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Shower.....are we there yet?

Whew....I think we are finally in the home stretch! The kids keep laughing and pointing at my belly...(thanks kids) and hubby says he does not remember what I looked like before I was carrying around a "beach ball" ...ummm thanks???
My ankles and tops of my feet started swelling last Saturday and I have officially had to start putting my feet up higher than waist level for hours at a time....which in turn makes my back hurt...ok you get the point...the list could go on!

Some of my dear friends in the neighborhood threw me and Baby Lily a baby shower last weekend!

My next door neighbor is due a few weeks before me and we got a belly shot's fun to see how we all carry our babies! She is having a boy named Oliver....we're having a girl named Lily
(any Hannah Montana fans see the irony??)

More pics of the shower....

Things are now washed and put away....I've hung some pictures in the baby's room....I am resting as much as all I have to do is sit back and wait for labor to begin. Oh happy happy joy joy!

All joking aside...Mini Me is looking forward to the big day of becoming a big sister! Me too!

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