Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home Stretch....37 weeks

Stretch being the key word! I feel like my belly can't stretch anymore. I am sure I have said that with each pregnancy, but this time I mean it!

We were 37 weeks on Monday and I have another midwife appt tomorrow! I really love the birthing center. My midwives make me feel so welcome and at ease the minute I walk in the door!

As for baby L....I have finally got her lamp up....(the shade still isn't decorated yet) ...the chair is in the corner ready for nursing.....Pretty much all we need is a baby!

Little notes for Lily...
My feet are swollen and are nasty looking....they feel ankles are becoming cankles...thanks sweetie...and the scar on my shin/ankle is starting to look gross....
Did I mention my back aches and my heartburn/reflux is at an all time high! I waddle when I walk and the teachers at your brother and sister's school like to giggle at mommy! Don't worry baby will get payback when you have my grandchild one day! ;o)
Love you,
Your mommy

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