Monday, October 27, 2008


Whew...Little girl is 1 month already...I can't say it has been all fun and games since the minute we came home with her...but pretty close.

She likes to see if I have a sense of really depends on the time of day...and she usually picks the middle of the night for her test. Lily is in the process of trying to get the hang of things at night....ohhhh you know the typical...."Do you want me to be awake or asleep? Make up your mind mom" Well I want you asleep at night and awake to play during the day. I don't think she understands me yet. There are probably 5 days out of 7 that she stays up until 1-3am and won't go to sleep. Oh she will alright on the boob or in my arms, but the minute I lay her down she is wide awake....I will literally do this for hours at the night trying to get her to sleep. What is soooo disturbing about that is that during the day I can put her in the carrier...take the kids to school...come home...take the sleeping baby out of the carrier and put her in the crib....OUT LIKE A LIGHT AND NOT ONE PEEP....but nooooooooooooo she doesn't do that at night.

All in all she is a terrific baby. She goes w/the flow really well considering the fact that she is baby #4

Lily's Schedule as of 1 month

She wakes up around 7-8am every morning for a boob....then takes big brother to school and then finishes her nap until 9 or so. Then she gets a boob again. (see the pattern) then watches mommy take a 5 second shower in the bouncy seat. Then cries while mommy does the speed dance...that consists of brushing her teeth...drying her hair (when she washes it) putting powder on her face (although I think mommy is pretty w/o any) bounces my chair to hush me...then dresses...then makes her bed. Then diaper change and downstairs for another boob....
then hangs out for a few hours....then another boob and down for a nap....this is short...b/c she usually chooses to go down for a great nap b4 the kids come home...which bites b/c I have to put her in the car to pick the big kids up.....she is woken for a boob by the car by 3:30 and back home to bed (usually stays asleep) until close to me make dinner...gets a boob...takes a cat nap...then bath at 7......more boob.....slight sleep and then by 9 more boob and thus starts the night time bed routine...
she either fights me until 10 or 11...or on a really good night it's after midnight-1am
she will then wake around 1 or 2 for a boob.....then again at 4...or if I'm lucky stays down until 7ish! whewwwwwwwwwww
I've learned to change diapers in the dark and catch poo w/1 hand too!

I have also remember that God did give mommy's 4 hands....what do you think our feet and toes are for??

Sadly little girl got baby acne at 3 weeks and it is holding looks soooo pitiful on her cute face!

Here are some pictures from 2 weeks to 4 weeks (in order)

and now my favorite pic...the baby acne...falling over...grinning photo

Friday, October 10, 2008


Just because you are a few lbs from your pre pregnancy weight doesn't mean it is all hanging in the same spot as it was before. Those were my thoughts as I was standing in front of the mirror this morning. I do have to admit I am rather happy's only been 2 weeks and I am 3lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. I think it took me 18m to even get close w/the other 3! I guess we really do get better with age.

Well my baby girl is 2 weeks today....and has done a lot of growing in that time. We are both learning new things about each other. Like I am learning that they are can survive on just a few hours of sleep per night...and she is learning that mommy will hold her for hours for just being cute....She is always a perfect sleeper during the day hours....she is alert a handful of times too. I swear she is the smartest baby in the world. She can read minds and grins as if she knows what we are saying to her.
There are also evenings when she makes mommy want to cry! She loves being held and nursing...which in turn makes it for a really long night.
This sleep when baby sleeps during the day must have been said by someone who didn't have other children. It sounds perfect, but that actually happening is slim to none around here!

Happy 2 weeks little girl!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


  • Newborn poo can shoot up to or over 5 feet
  • Newborn poo is the color of French's Yellow mustard
  • They say breastfed poo has mustard seeds...they are crazy...I don't know what those are...but not seeds
  • Newborn poo smells like buttered popcorn
  • Newborns are talented...they wait until you put a fresh diaper on them and load up another one
  • Newborns are talented...they also wait until the diaper is off of them...while you are reaching for another clean one ...just so they can poo all over the fresh diaper and changing table
  • Newborn poo can go everywhere but in the diaper
  • Newborns seem to have a perfect knack for waiting to make the biggest messes during the middle of the night right after you finally got them to sleep!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lily's 5th day

Little girl had a great day. Her poor mother dressed her up yet again and made her pose (or lie there) for pictures on the porch. She laid on the bench that her big sister took many a pictures on when she was just a wee thing! Lily will follow in her footsteps!
She is so precious to look at sweet to smell....and so yummy to kiss!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lily's first couple of days....

(1 day old)
Lily is doing great...during the day..she does have her days and nights mixed up. I can't help but stare at her all day long...and night too! :o)

She is nursing like a champ...for a 1 day old....I am incomplete awe of her...

(2 days old)

Day 2...still an angel...she only cries when she is having her diaper changed or the lovely sponge bath we gave her! She looks at us w/just 1 eye if to say "hey who's there" ...we've nicknamed her our little pirate...arrrrrrrrrr
She still has her days and nights confused....I don't though and I can tell you I'm tired!

(3 days old)
Today we couldn't help but dress her up and put bows in her hair...she does not seem to mind. Still the perfect little girl....sleeping all day and up for hours at night!

(4 days old)
Well Miss Lily had her 4 day check up today...her color looks perfect and she didn't lose any of her birth weight! The day was perfect....I tried to keep her awake today, but she didn't seem to care and slept though all the talking and vacuuming. Needless to say she was up nursing from 9-2am....I would finally get her asleep ...put her down and boom.... She's up showing off her lungs! Well so much for that! Why is it during the day she can go straight to sleep and sleep for hours...but at night she is torturing me! :o)
I can't quit kissing that pretty little face of hers!

Lillian Brenna makes her arrival.....

Lily's Birth best to my knowledge...hee hee

(photo of Lily 1hr old)

Well let's just say I had wanted it planned where the kids were in school and I gave birth and then came home as they got out from school...and amazingly it worked out just like that!!

8pm Thursday night I started having cramps every 15mins...but then again as most pregnant women know this is nothing new.....I ignored the cramps and went to bed....I woke up around 2am...and they were still 10-15mins 4am I got up for a potty break and water broke....

I told hubby about my water and his words were, "pretend I'm your midwife and go back to bed and rest"......sure honey whatever you instead I sat in the bed timing contrax....they were about 10mins apart...

I got up by 5:30 to shower and dress...went downstairs and called the family (they are 4hrs away) and started getting the kids breakfast and lunches ready for school....

Kids got up and we told them the news. They needed details on what the water was and where was it coming from...:o)...I called the midwife and she said to just meet her there at 8:45 to check me...

Kids off to school......we head to birthing contrx are only 10 mins apart.....she checks me and I'm only a 1. ugh...So she says go home and grab breakfast and come back in 2 hours...I remember asking her what I shouldn't eat...she said anything I wouldn't enjoy coming back up. hee hee

Hubby takes us for some yummy pastries and by the time we get home I'm laboring pretty good...I do have a chance to eat half a muffin...but I'm noticing the contrax are getting closer, so we quickly pack and get back to the birthing center in less than 2 hrs...(arrive at 11:30am)

Now I'm contracting every 4-6 mins....some back to midwife Jean checks me and I'm a 3...she lets me labor and will check on me when I need her or every 30mins to monitor me and the baby...

She comes back 30 mins later and I'm a 4...laboring pretty hard...I head to the bathroom and by the time I come back I am hurting...Ok loudly moaning...I tell hubby that there is no break...they are coming 1min apart back to back w/lots of pressure....but in my mind it has only been a few mins since she checked me....I'm starting to panic....I see the clock and wonder how on earth I will be able to continue in this kind of pain for another couple of hours??!! Your mind starts messing with you....I tried so hard to concentrate on Lily and how wonderful would be to finally see her...but then it just felt like some twisted game ...seriously! I'm walking the room...that didn't help...I tried the rocking chair...that didn't help....I tried leaning over the bed...that helped for a bit...the pain now is not manageable.

The contrx are coming harder and harder and I quit walking and swaying and hop on my side on the this point...I think i'm really moaning I'm grabbing hubby's hand for support....(needless to say the dear one is sporting a nice bruise on his upper forearm). I remember looking at him and me....

The midwife assist comes in and starts the water in the bath...I do remember thinking "how on earth are they going to get me in there...I'm not budging"

only 25 mins went by and I feel the need to push...I panic b/c I know I was only a 4 last time she checked me....I scream for my midwife who tells me to push..i tell her no... She says It's ok....I'm fully dilated...

WHAT.....IT HAD ONLY BEEN 25 MINS....GOOD NIGHT wonder the pain was earth shattering. I had natural labor w/my last 2 and the pain was nothing compared to I know why...I progressed to a 10 over hours with the other children ...but with Lily I got from a 4 to a 10 in 25 mins....

So I start pushing and I know I'm making a lot of midwife finally says..."close your mouth and push from your bottom" Oh yeah...I remember now ....I finally quiet myself and push with it all....My midwife is guiding Lily....hubby and the midwife assistant pushing and holding both my feet!!!! They keep telling me I'm almost there...that they can see her head, but I don't believe them....I feel fire and pain and don't feel like I am getting anywhere...Hubby keeps saying 'push honey push' I want to shout at everyone...I AM I AM ....15mins later... I push one last time and I can see her head and final push and there is my girl...lungs full of air and screaming....yippee...

Hubby was terrific the whole time....I do remember him kissing my lips and my forehead...telling me how terrific I was doing....but to hear his story a demonic tone shot from my mouth telling him to back I guess by the death grip and bruise he is partially right.

Holding her in my arms for the first time was amazing....she was so alert and looking around....We noticed right off her dark black telling what color her eyes are ...we are holding off for blue... ;o)

so at 1:11pm Little Lillian Brenna entered the world weighing 8lb 11oz..... 21.5" long...and perfect!

If I remember any more details I'll post them later...I'm exhausted....I guess staring at her all night long instead of sleeping was a bad idea! But I couldn't help it!

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