Sunday, October 5, 2008


  • Newborn poo can shoot up to or over 5 feet
  • Newborn poo is the color of French's Yellow mustard
  • They say breastfed poo has mustard seeds...they are crazy...I don't know what those are...but not seeds
  • Newborn poo smells like buttered popcorn
  • Newborns are talented...they wait until you put a fresh diaper on them and load up another one
  • Newborns are talented...they also wait until the diaper is off of them...while you are reaching for another clean one ...just so they can poo all over the fresh diaper and changing table
  • Newborn poo can go everywhere but in the diaper
  • Newborns seem to have a perfect knack for waiting to make the biggest messes during the middle of the night right after you finally got them to sleep!

1 comment:

The Kings said...

I'll never eat buttered popcorn again!

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