Thursday, November 27, 2008


OHHH me oh my! I sure hope Lily can at least get some wear out of these for photo sake!

My MIL went crazy this past week and bought Lily the cutest outfits/gift sets by the Bunnies by the Bay collection

The first set has the most adorable shoes...hat...outfit...pants....and lovey named Lolliwaddle...

Emmie's Wonderdress

and lastly......

My Dream Coat

The set includes a swing coat, bunny muff, bunny ears hat, and "My Dream Coat" storybook box with picture frame. It comes nestled inside a beautifully illustrated storybook box. ....for your daughter to pass down to hers. The coat has stitching inside that says......

"Once within this dreamy cost, danced a dainty lass. Remembering all the glad dreams, to her daughter the coat will pass."

Monday, November 24, 2008


Here are a few nursing positions Lily gets herself into...

The Cuddler Position

This is the position where we are tummy to of her arms is behind my back rubbing it and the other is hanging on the neck of my shirt

The Laid Back Lady Position

This is where she is latched on but flat on her back....legs and arms out to all sides (looks like making snow angels) I like to call this her 'one too many milk shots the night before' look

The Kitty Position

Again we are tummy to tummy and both of her hands are grasping my breast kneading it like a little kitten getting mommy milk

The Body Warmer Position

This is another tummy to tummy position, but every leg and arm are tucked tightly under my arms or breast like she is trying to get warm


Sunday, November 23, 2008


Lily's Gma GiGi's best friend Toni bought Lily this bear....she can't stop smiling at it or chatting to it! Here were some photos to capture her talking to the lovey!


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Tricks I definitely did not lose on my 7 year hiatus of not having a new baby around....

  • Standing up nursing while cooking dinner
  • Picking up objects w/my feet w/o having to bend over
  • Holding my breath for long periods of time in order to not wake a sleeping baby
  • Sleep in spurts
  • Hold my bladder b/c you don't have a moment to sit down
  • Change a diaper on my lap
Stay tuned for more tricks mom's are capable of doing....

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Middle child Jake aka Hedgie turned the big 10 yesterday (11/12/08).
I can't believe how fast time has gone by...from my little bald headed blue eyed baby who giggled in his crib to the bike man fighting....4th grader!

Happy Birthday my little big man!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


(Goofy Girl photo)

Little Lil is growing so much....she recognizes us and smiles when she does...the kids crack her up!!!
she loves having raspberries blown on her tummy...she loves being laughed at...which makes her laugh...she has a giggle that is adorable. she loves seeing us in the mirror during her bath time...she grins from ear to ear.
Lily is a really happy baby ...unless she is in her carrier in the car...or not being paid attention too. :o)

she is outgrowing her clothes (sniff sniff) and outgrowing her socks....time is flying by

She has finally est a bedtime routine...(thank you God) and gets a bath at 6.30ish...boob at 7 and again at 8...the 8'clock is in her room where she is finally going down w/o having to have me go in there a million times to rock her to sleep...and she sleeps for about 6-7 hrs b4 waking for a feeding....

Little Lil's baby acne is finally starting to has taken over 3 weeks's not 100% gone, but we are almost there. I'm now not asked what is wrong w/my baby anymore

I finally got a baby sling that we both like...she passes out and I'm able to get errands run and some house chores now.

Lily is working on tummy time...which she actually likes...

Thursday, November 6, 2008


what makes my little girl giggle? talking like an weirdo...blowing raspberries on her belly and eating her toes. she has the most incredible giggle...
it is amazing how much she has changed in a just 1 week. i can't believe she will be 6 weeks tomorrow..where has time gone?.....
happy 6 weeks Little Lil...

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