Saturday, December 27, 2008


WOW...first and foremost was that the fastest 3 months in the world? Just this time last year I was a few weeks away from conceiving her (TMI I and now here I am with this precious little bundle!!

She is the apple of my eye....I really couldn't have asked for a happier....well adjusted baby.

We, ok me....I had some issues to work out w/her sleeping pattern...she would keep me up at night until 1am fighting sleep....for now all of that seems to be behind us. She is going down sometime between 9 and 10pm and staying asleep until 8 or 9 the next morning.....I found what works for us....belly sleeping!! I'm not worried about her....she sleeps in a blanket sleeper and can roll from her tummy to back ....whatever works for you I say!

First thing in the morning she is soooo happy!! I hear her when she wakes b/c she is coo'ing and babbling. I sneak in and peek over her crib and say a happy good morning to her......she squeals w/laughter. I love that about her!!! Then she gets a diaper change and off for a boob!!!! This is another special morning time w/her. She just looks up at me ....and playing w/my shirt....occasionally she will pull off and smile and then back to sucking away! This little one is a talker. She will talk to me for 5mins straight sometimes. I truly wish I knew what she was saying. I guess she has a lot to talk about since she slept for so long.

The kids are terrific w/her. She smiles and grins and talks to them when they are near!! Kate and Grayson have really gotten good at picking her and holding her for me if she gets fussy! Lily would rather be in the middle of the chaos then sitting somewhere....

She loves playing on her mat....she has already rolled from tummy to back and the other day was working on back to tummy....I walked over to her and was laughing b/c she was stuck on her side....her legs were all the way over...she just hadn't thrown her arms there...pretty soon we will find her rolled into a wall! :o)

Lily is a thumb/hand sucker. She is always putting her hand in her mouth....or grabbing her shirt and putting that in her mouth....or her burp rag etc. Half the pictures we have of her she has her tongue out. The lady at Target yesterday asked Lily if she was sticking tongue out at her...I told the lady that she has it sticking out almost all the time...not to take it personal! hee hee

She lovesss bath time....we started using sign language w/her for water....milk....more...granted I know know know that it is way too early, but in my mind it is never too soon! The other 3 kids used some signs and so I am looking forward to teaching Lily too!

I am truly blessed to have Lily in my all our lives! Each day is precious and wonderful....I can't wait for each moment w/her...what new wonder she will discover tomorrow!

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Michelle said...

She just looks like the happiest, roly poly baby EVER!! I love when they start babbling, it's the sweetest. Especially when they pop off the booby long enough to say something! HA!
And while I truly don't wish my time away with Charlie, I can't wait for her to sleep a little better. She's a party animal fer sure!

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