Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Mine would say "Love Bucket"

Looking for a new way to get your 64oz of water daily? If you are like me you need all the motivation you can get.
Today while stalking another great mom's blog (thank you Ohana Mama) I found something that not only can be fun, but can inspire you to drink more water. Love Bottles are reusable glass bottles that let you write and draw on them...Customize them to say what you want and then change it when the mood strikes.
Make sure though that you buy more than one and leave little love notes for your sweetie when he heads to work.... or buy some for your kids and have special "knock knock" jokes to make them giggle...

Love Bottle

Worried about dropping them? They even have bottle carriers!

What's your LOVE BOTTLE say?

If you visit Ohana Mama's Blog
she is giving you a chance to win one of these you understand you will have to share w/me if you win! ;o)

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