Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Lily is discovering all sorts of new things...
She enjoys swatting at her toys and trying to grab everything and bring it to her mouth. If she can grab it she can eat it!!
Her sleeping patterns are becoming more predictable! WOOHOO
Lily is still having 30 min cat naps during the day, but at night she is starting to become that angel I always knew she was...she is heading to bed by 8 and sleeping until 5ish and back down again until 8am!
Words can't describe what a joy she is. Never a dull moment! I can't begin to express how blessed I am at what a happy and calm baby she is! She can sing too....I know what you're thinking, but when I sing to her she will hum w/me...
She is easy to please...loves being held....laughs easily...loves bath time...loves being tickled and talked w/Lily is amazing!
One of my favorite moments w/her is first thing in the morning. She will be talking up a storm and when she sees you enter the room she laughs and grins!
I can't wait to see what the next 4 months has in store


Mini Me celebrated her 8th birthday on Monday!
We decorated flip flops and then painted toes!!!

And followed that up w/Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!

MeeMee and Pop Pop and Old Dad and GiGi came for some dinner.

What's that Mommy?

No it's not a mouse...that would be how much hair mommy loses on "Hair Washing Day".
Gotta love postpartum hair loss right? So far w/each baby I have lost hair... The rate it comes out you would think I'd be bald...but I'm not....not yet! I hate when the hair starts to grow back on the forehead...I currently do not have bangs until the 'new growth' comes in. Then I get those stupid...."did you cut bangs" stupid I did not cut my hair to have 1" of bangs!

They say pregnant woman have such thick beautiful hair....That must be b/c it does not fall out until after the baby!...Mine started about 3 weeks ago...I'll let you know when it quits!

NOTE TO HUSBAND: No honey I'm not washing it down the drain!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peek A Boo I See You

Lily is 3.5 months and a ball full of fun!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Ok maybe I'm not as sleep deprived as I used to be, but time is flying by. It seems there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Christmas was a great time to see all the family again. My parents came into town for a few days. Then one night my in laws, my parents, and my brother and his wife came over for dinner and Wii games. My niece Claire enjoyed holding baby Lily and I actually got a group shot of the gang!

Christmas Eve B's brother/wife and their 4 kids came to town!!! Whew!

Update on the kids...

Grayson got the Taj Mahal he had been dying for. He actually saved his money for this one. It had over 5000 pieces. 5922 to be exact!
It took him a little over 4 days to complete....needless to say we did not see much of him during the holiday break.

Jake's best friend moved to the neighborhood down the road from us....pretty sad time for him since they were at each others house constantly. He now just mopes around. I can usually find him off on his bike somewhere though hanging w/the other neighborhood boys. Every other day that child is losing a tooth!! He's making a killing off the tooth fairy!

Princess Katelyn Kate Katie pie is about to be 8. Her birthday is coming up on the 26th and so we...or should I say SHE has been busy planning it. Kate is still all girl and I love every second of that. She is very much into clothes and purses right now!! Thankfully she is still into barbies and playing pretend. I am keeping her a little girl for as long as I can!
Kate is taking to her role of Big Sister really well....we have our moments when I realize she needs some extra attention, but I try to let her feel involved as much as possible. She is going to be a terrific mommy one day.

As for the youngest one of the bunch...Miss Lillian

She is growing so quickly that if you blink you might miss it!! She rolls from tummy to back...not all the time, but when she feels like it. I've realized we are on Lily Time. She just started swatting at toys hanging over her and grabs to put everything in her mouth!! We have just ordered some new toy rattles that she can bang away on and put in her mouth to so serious chewing!! Lily has a ton of tickle spots and has the most incredible laugh....
She talks...and sings....and is the most amazing baby!!! Lily pretty much sleeps through the night...She usually goes down by 9:30 or 10 and sleeps until 6 or 7 and then back down again for a few hours. Night time is the hardest time though...she fights sleep...I will notice that she starts to get tired after her bath...around 8ish she will start yawning and rubbing her eyes and burying her face in my shoulder...I will head upstairs and nurse her and rock her, but she fights sleep. As soon as I lay her down she wakes...this process starts all over until she and then passes out around 10. I am hoping this phase does not last long. Morning time is great!! She is such a joy though when she wakes up....talking and playing and laughing...I love to go in there and peek over the crib and see her smile! She brightens any room!
The other day I ran across an outfit that was Kate's....I dressed Lily in it and took her picture...Here is the photo to match Kate's. Granted Kate was 6m and Lily is only 3m, but I think they look a little alike.
(Kate's photo is on top)
Over all life is pretty darn good right now...I've got no complaints! ok maybe I could stand to lose a few pounds... and get a pedicure....cover my grays....clean my house a bit more....zap laundry before it piles up.......

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