Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's that Mommy?

No it's not a mouse...that would be how much hair mommy loses on "Hair Washing Day".
Gotta love postpartum hair loss right? So far w/each baby I have lost hair... The rate it comes out you would think I'd be bald...but I'm not....not yet! I hate when the hair starts to grow back on the forehead...I currently do not have bangs until the 'new growth' comes in. Then I get those stupid...."did you cut bangs" stupid I did not cut my hair to have 1" of bangs!

They say pregnant woman have such thick beautiful hair....That must be b/c it does not fall out until after the baby!...Mine started about 3 weeks ago...I'll let you know when it quits!

NOTE TO HUSBAND: No honey I'm not washing it down the drain!


Michelle said...

HAHAHAHA!! I am SO there!! It's a pain when it's happening, but I love it when it's over!

Anonymous said...

Omigosh... it's so scary to see that much hair come out isn't it!?
Maybe we should all save our sheddings and creat baby blankets out of it... and when our children are older and are completely freaked out at that idea we can say, "well it's YOUR fault in the first place I lost all that hair!" Lol... just kidding. I can't knit.

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