Monday, March 30, 2009

Here comes trouble....

Lily was 6 months old last Thursday and has decided she might be ready to crawl!

*Message to Moses our dog...look out

Sunday, March 8, 2009


The other day Mini Me and I were at Target (our 2nd home) and we were doing our weekly shopping. I was picking up some turkey and ham for their lunches for the week and commented on how we needed bread.

Mini Me: " When are you going to give me another knuckle sandwich?"

Me: (looks around at the ppl around us perking up to the conversation) me in my sweet 'what are you talking about voice' "A knuckle sandwich what are you talking about???

Mini Me: " the other day you gave me one...give me another one mom"

Me: Ok by this point I'm totally red in the face wondering what on earth these ppl think of this little girl's mother giving her a knuckle sandwich. "Kate, what are you talking about..mommy has never hit you"

Mini Me: "Mom...remember the other day when you gave me the ends of the bread for a sandwich? The knuckles of the bread?"

Me: "hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhaaa Honey that is the HEEL of the bread...not the knuckle"

Gotta love the mind of an 8 year old girl!

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