Monday, April 13, 2009

The Joys of Having Big Brothers!!!

This morning Mini Me came down for breakfast in tears. I gave her a big morning hug and asked her what was wrong....?

She wanted to show me what she found in her room when she woke up this morning.

Hanging from her canopy bed was her baby doll w/ this note attached

I busted out laughing.....I mean SHE doesn't drink her milk!!! ha ha ha

Gotta love big brothers!!


Jen said...

No way! This is hilarious!! Poor sweet Kate!

The Kretzings said...

How awful and how hilarious at the same time. :) I guess you could tell her they were just looking out for her best interest. LOL

The Farm-Marm said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! I was an only child until I was a few weeks shy of 15, so never had the pleasure of brothers. I have since had the unimaginable pleasure of raising 2 boys, with 3 more on the rise, and one, yes, only one, girl. So this is the stuff I deal with daily! Good times and fun stuff!

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