Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ninja Baby

Last friday I had a Dr's appt and so darling daddy was on Baby duty! Figures that she only took a 45 min nap instead of her usual 1.5-2 hrs while I was gone! Law of physics! Daddy had a wild monkey on his hands and a cute little story for me when I came home.

First view the photo and then I'll explain
So I walk in the door and daddy walks me over to a napkin on the counter.

Daddy: What do you see?

Me: A dead fly...no wait ...I think he's moving!

Daddy: Do you see anything strange about the fly?

Me: Ummmm no

Daddy: Look closely...he's missing his head.


Daddy: Your little daughter did it. (I love how she's MY daughter when she did something bad)

Me: How did she chop his head off?

Daddy: Well she was standing over in the window looking outside. She was playing with one of Mini Me's Bella Sara cards and then she saw a fly in the window and started swatting at it. I went over to her and this is what I found. She is a little ninja baby! I couldn't do that in a million years if I tried!

Me: Wow I am totally impressed! I knew she was a rocking baby, but I didn't know she came with talents!

Moral of the story! Don't mess with baby!

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