Monday, July 20, 2009


WOW it's been ages! I guess I have one friend who reads my blog, because she asked me why I haven't updated it lately! Thanks Maribel!

Lillian has been growing in leaps and bounds...from sitting to crawling to table foods to just plain silliness!

She is 9.5 months already and speed crawls...pulls up on just about anything from couches, tables, window sills, cabinet doors, and even walls. Most of our cabinets have baby/adult proofing latches. She's a little Houdini at times and can even get those off! I have found her in just about everything and even licking the floor. I have no idea what that is about. There are times I either stand there and chuckle or get totally grossed out! But she is darn cute doing it.
At her 9m well baby check up she was 28.5" tall and weighed 20.3 lbs!

Lily's Activities as of 9 months

  • She plays tug of war w/the dog's chew bones....yes, she has even licked and chewed them herself
  • Crawls at the speed of light. When she needs to pick up speed she pushes off with her right foot. So it's right foot...left knee...right foot...left knee. It's a scream to watch!
  • Pulls up on everything
  • Can say a few words/signs: Mama, Dada, bye bye (waves), ceiling fan (signs too), na-na (not sure but she uses it a lot)
  • Claps (as of 2 days ago)
  • She's a really great eater! loves to try everything
  • Loves to mimic...esp coughing or gagging! She thinks it is funny
  • Bath time she pretends to swim
  • Speaking of swimming...loves going to the pool! We can't get her out!
  • Loves to dance (see video below)
  • Loves pushing her babies around in the baby buggy
  • Shreds magazines or napkins
  • Chews on her bed rails (see blog entry below)
  • Loves little children/babies
  • Helping w/just about every chore I do
  • Loves Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Loves blowing raspberries ...even if there is food in her mouth
  • Screams and tries to pinch you when you take something away from her
  • She is scared spitless of the vacuum cleaner
  • When she puts herself to sleep (ok I lied...when I nurse her to sleep) she knots her hands in my hair and tugs. I think I'm bald in some spots
  • After bath time we have a routine of cleaning nose/ears/putting lotion on/brushing teeth/brushing hair. She makes the funniest sounds when cleaning her nose! She is a pampered princess
  • HATES HATES HATES RIDING IN A CAR. (gonna be the death of me)
  • Still is not sleeping through the night
  • Loves cell phones so she has 3 play ones of her own!
I'll leave some stories for another day!


The Kings said...

Glad to see you back in blog land!

Rhonda said...

I'm glad you updated the blog. Lily is the cutest! I was wondering why my kids didn't have teeth marks on their cribs, then I remembered that theirs had a clear plastic cover over the edge. Don't forget to throw in some pics of the first three kids. They're growing like weeds, too!

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